[YC 120 New Eden Capsuleer’s Writing Contest] Book of Todram by Sebiestor Lynn Yi

Book of Todram


I have decided to write a great deal more about the stories surrounding Lynn and herself. I will attempt to write them in the same manner you would find them in backstories, chronicles, and official lore. Some of it is scientific, as she is a Sebiestor and physics and science will be of significant interest to her although often used to kill as often as provide better tools for her people. Each individual will have their own book of stories to read from if/after they are published or not. I have already written one such story and they will be submitted as such events occur. They should be more interesting than her simple Book of Todram. I hope everyone enjoys reading them as much as I am writing them. Special thanks to those who have helped provide me with ideas about how to put certain aspects into the world of EVE that will need explaining. I will be sure to credit your names as I am able.

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