BoomTime Corp Seeks Fresh Blood!


BoomTime Corp is seeking members with great attitudes who share a vision to be a respected force and influence the lore of the game! We are founding corp of the newly created House of Boom Alliance.

Many of us plan to be at 2019 Eve Vegas this year and if you are going, love to meet you in person.

We recently wound down operations in our little C2 Wormhole and now are poised to begin a new campaign in NPC Null Sec. In our former wormhole, we built a Floating City and had fun exploring/battling in this part of the game.

Our members range in skill points from 20mm to over 300mm Skill Points! We have excellent PVP players and members who love the mining, industrial, building and trading aspect of the game. We will need both types to build a new alliance that meets our vision.

Mrs Boom is our active CEO and a total Eve Online Aficionado with fantastic PYFA skills and a head for the game.

Our current memberships covers all the time zones.

If they ever bring back the Alliance Tournament, we will enter that and hope to win.

Hopefully you have an Alt to be a more effective member of BoomTime Corporation. Not required, but encouraged.

Send me, Schrade, (307mm SP) a message in game and we can begin the process. We use our own Team Speak Server and communicate in English on Slack. We will require background checks and are looking for your main character.

If there is an evil toxic cloud around you, please save us both the time and trouble.

If on the other hand, you wish to be high level and part of a new force in the game, this corp/alliance is for you.

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