BORIZ - Wormhole Corp - Fight Outnumbered

Hi all,

After a 6 year absence, BORIZ has reformed.

We are a WH PvP corp, looking for experienced pilots. We are aiming to compete with the best of WH space and continue the ‘fighting outnumbered’ tactics for which we were recognised for previously.

Unlike many WH corps we are not aiming to throw as many pilots into our system as possible. We are recruiting specific individuals who are up for a challenge. We have a core group of active pilots and will be PvPing frequently against the odds.

We offer:

  • C5 PvP & Isk
  • We are rebuilding, you will have more influence here than any other established WH corp
  • Experienced leadership
  • Relaxed, PvP focused atmosphere
  • A sense of humour (if you like Brits)
  • Pathfinder


  • EU or US TZ (we are active in both)
  • Small roam PvP experience
  • Both shield and armor ready
  • Basic understanding of wormholes and the commitment that they require
  • Astrometric skills to 4 with plenty of scanning experience
  • Discord
  • ESI
  • 21+
  • Bonus: Cap pilots

Get in touch!
Public Chan: BORIZ Public
Contacts: Thomas Ian Rider or Demorest

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Great corp with a great atmosphere. If your looking for a smaller pvp focused wormhole corp then this is the one for you.

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Recruiting now! Get involved :gentlemanparrot: :gentlemanparrot: :gentlemanparrot:


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Still recruiting, come and talk to us ingame today

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I have joined this corp 2 days ago and like it here.
Some of the things i like about the people in the corp / corp in general:

  • You will be listened to, even if you are there for less than a day.
  • Own input to improve or change things will be welcomed
  • Content hungry TeaLurkers
  • Helpful and friendly TeaLurkers
    Next to this i want to point out that this corp has amibitions and will undock. Stop being a shipspinner and join today :slight_smile:
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Online now. Join and you could experience epic battles like this:

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