C5 WH PVP Recruiting active PVP Pilots [BORIZ]

Who are we?

We are Boris Johnson’s Love Children [BORIZ]
(the corp name is not political, it’s just a meme)

❂Language: English

❂Timezone: 24hr coverage (Mainly EU)

❂Focus: WH PVP

Join us if any of the following appeals to you:

❂ PVP focused atmosphere, we do not stay docked, if we are logged in we are doing something.

❂ C5 Magnetar home system - good ISK and good PVP opportunities

❂ Strong EU and US tz, you’ll never be logged in alone

❂ Experienced FC’s and leadership

❂ Relaxed Comms (outside of ops) and good humour

❂ Plenty of targets, we have no blues and we take most fights available to us

What we need from you:

❂ An ability and willingness to scan to find content

❂ Access to at least armor HACs or similar level ships

❂ Basic PVP understanding

❂ Basic understanding of hostile space and navigating wormholes

❂ PVP focused attitude, we do not welcome pure ISK farmers

❂ Confidence to be on comms and engage in chat, we aren’t ping warriors, and integrating into the corp is important

Check out our KILLBOARD

Still recruiting! PM Deity Aiur in game for more info

Still recruiting, 2 new members yesterday. Growing fast and looking for more EU players

Still recruiting

Still recruiting!

PM me in game for more info

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