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Looking for a corp with end game goals of going into a WH 130+ . Prefer to help grow a corp rather than just being a number in a long Fleet comp. Ive experience as an FC from small to Capital Engagements, though I will admit its been awhile for my last fleet. Aside from FC’ing I can offer max orca boosting and as far as I remember max refining skills(aside from the implant).
I have zero intentions of going back to null and dealing with someone else’s politics. Sorry not spending 3 hours in tidi because someone is having a bad day.
So a group of people operating out of high sec doing mining/missioning is just fine with me. Please have at least 7 active people in your corp, not just 3 people with alts. Timezone is US

So lets build a group dive in WH make isk and piss it away in a blaze of fire with drinks and laughs.

We are part of a small alliance already living in a wh with a highsec static if that has any interest for you?

what class is the wh your in ?

daily bump. Still looking, reply here or in game, will be checking both thank you.

I think I have what you are looking for. Ill message you in game.

We live in a c2 with static exits to both highsec and c3. We have several citadels but can not say what the changes to mining will mean for jspace. We are however stronger in the EUTZ and wish to build our USTZ up into a stronger contingent. If you are closer to eutz we could be a good match as we would have some overlapping playtimes with you.

Exactly what you are looking for, hit us up asap:

Biohazard. [-BIO-] is a low sec, no-drama, corporation. We believe EVE is best played in small gangs of pilots teaching each other, and in an environment that works for not only veterans, but also for newbros alike.

Meet us on discord: :slight_smile:

Sent you in game message
o7 Rainer

Recruiting. Self-Sufficient, Infrastructure in place.

Join L2p, cause pvp, rats, and stuff…

If you are bored, we are not bored, you can flex your caps, or you know a rorq or whatever you flex with we dont care.

Also we have that one angry german guy…

Hey pilot #12476 here, free lobotomies when you join, free f1 monkey implant included!

You will never leave! (Please join they are making me do this…)

Hello DrunkenSpudz,

The Corbulo Academy of Navel Science aim is to provide a fun and entertaining experience to all its members through the dissemination of in-game knowledge and solid leadership. The ‘Corbulo’ intent is to operate as a combat organization first, with the added divisions in Mining, PvE, R&D, PI, and Manufacturing of ships, modules, munitions, and capitals for its members and its income. The corporation wants to create a high skilled group, specializing in tactical fleet compositions, and focusing on the fun side of eve. This has been written to give a clear direction for the corporation and defines marked but ambitious, yet achievable goals. The ‘Corbulo’ first and foremost is a combat orientated unit. We believe success comes from strong leadership, Quality training, good diplomacy and the ability to smash are enemies in the face.

I am building the corp up and would like some help. Currently FW and enjoying the PvP side of it. But there is so much more. We can Mine, Rat, Build, PI etc… in low/High Sec.

If your interested please contact me in-game.

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