A noticably larger percentage of the playerbase is bots now than 5 years ago. Bots were much less of an issue when space was more dangerous with more active players to pew-pew them.

To give a point of comparison:
I have baited mission runners for a very long time. 5 years ago I could bait for weeks without seeing a single bot. And it makes sense. There were way too many (mostly player-driven) variables back then and way more PvPers.

Now? There’s parts of High-Sec where close to half of the mission runners are bots. Kakakela and the surrounding zones near Jita for instance. If you bait there you’ll notice that the systems that only get level 4 missions will be mostly Raven bots. I know they were bots too because after reporting them repeatedly I got evemail confirmation (albiet 3 months later, which shows you the other part of the problem. CCP inaction) of the account (in)actions.

I think we’re being gas-lighted folks.

CCP is doing no differently than any other major gaming company nowadays by paying LIP SERVICE but PURPOSEFULLY waiting to ban the bots until AFTER a financial quarter ends. By which point the bots have already profited and just sub a new bot. It’s about to get EVEN WORSE with these new expert skills they’re releasing.

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The thing with banning bots is, if you ban them immediately when you find them, you make it real easy for the bot writers to figure out what gets detected and what doesn’t. Banning immediately helps improve bots.

The best way to tackle bots is to take them down in waves, not immediately.


Or CCP is gas-lighting us.

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Explain gas lighting in this context, I’ve seen the term pop up before but have no idea what it means.

It means the person has worn his tinfoil hat.
So now they can’t see when they are talking about personal interpretations, and facts.
AKA facts don’t matter, only my opinion.

It comes from the dissolution of tin into hydrochloric acid when those guys need to take a shot(it’s used to solve the drugs and extract them), and later they want to smoke a bang but the dihydrogen explodes cause they got gaz lighten.
But they are not at fault, it’s X or Y who did the gaz lighting, never them, bro. It’s Babylon who uses 5g controlled covid vaccine. You need to fight the powa, gangstafari !

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there is no bots in EVE online

They’re SAYING they’re working on it and majorly downplaying the problem while ACTUALLY barely doing anything to fight it and the problem is far more severe than they’ll ever admit.


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