BPCs for Sale

Welcome to Marthe’s BPC Bazaar!

I have several different BPCs for sale including capital components, capital hulls, T2 ships, T1 cruisers, destroyers, frigates, as well as mining barges and ships!

BPC packs available for: Apsotle, Archon, Charon, Chimera, Minokawa, Nidhoggur, Orca, Providence, Thanatos and Rorquals. With more to be added soon.

All BPCs are located in Jita, or can be delivered to any high sec system. All current stock and prices are listed here: Marthe’s BPC Bazaar! Prices are negotiable for bulk purchases!

If you have specific runs you can always contact this character in game via mail and we can work something out! Able to supply an ongoing supply of affordable BPCs for all your production needs!

Cheers o7


Thought these kind of things died a very long time ago. No one is going to go to the effort to contact, wait for reply, wait for contract for BPCs worth so little when you can get from public contracts instantly for similar price.

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