BPCs for Sale!

Welcome to Marthe’s BPC Bazaar!

I have several different BPCs for sale. Capital components, T2 ships, T1 cruisers, destroyers, frigates, as well as mining barges and ships! All located in Jita, or can be delivered to any high sec system. All current stock and prices are listed here: Marthe’s BPC Bazaar! Prices negotiable for bulk purchases!

If you have specific runs you can always contact this character in game via mail and we can work something out! Able to supply an ongoing supply of affordable BPCs for all your production needs!

Cheers o7

Bump. =)

To the top! Hit me up if you want to make a deal! Lots of BPCs all over my hangar!

Bump. :wink:

Still lots of BPCs to sell!

Bump! Prices lowered, and more ships added! Open to offers on any and all in stock BPCs!

Bump. New stock added!

Bump! Some prices reduced, and new stock added. Have some BPC Packs available as well for Orca and Chimera. Message me for pricing!

Still plenty to go around! New BPC Packs coming in a few weeks. Order early and get yours now!

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