Prouts Capital Ships, Parts and Mods BPCs Shop [LOWEST PRICES IN GAME]

Hey guys,

Selling some BPCs for capital productions: only the best

Jita 4-4

Please visit this doc:

Buy for more than 5B, save 10%
Buy for more than 10B, save 15%

Reply here or by mail. I have new stocks every 30 days.
Next restocking:
20th of February for another cycle


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Still for sale

still for sale

Still for sale

New prices

Sold some, still for sale

for sale, still

For sale

Still for sale, new stocks in 4-5 days.

up top, new stocks

Reduced stocks, still for sale.

Still for sale

Up top, updated some prices

still for sale

Updated the document. Preparing for the new stocks arriving in 8 days!

New stocks

Some bpcs gone, still for sale

Still for sale

New stocks, some old sold, still for sale

mail sent