Brand Newbros and FAM alliance are now recruiting Pilots and corps Respectively [Sov Null, PvP Focused, No Blues]

Brand Newbros recently left TEST alliance to form the Federated Alliance of Mafias (FAM) alliance. We have no blues. We just have friends to shoot and work with. Our focus is on having fun, growing our community, and building an alliance that can compete.

Brand Newbros offers:

-Sov Null space in Vale of the Silent with Guristas rats.

-FAM Alliance SRP for approved fleets. Corp SRP for approved corp fleets.

-Staging Fortizar with market. Industry infrastructure and moons.

-A place where your individual impact can be felt. Brand Newbros starts its second chapter in a brand new alliance with a story to write and characters to develop. Today’s newbro is tomorrow’s Alliance FC.

Brand Newbros is looking for:

-Mature people that fit the culture. We would find a way to teach Eve skills to a Border Collie if it passed the interview.

-FCs of all levels that enjoy micro to medium sized fleets. No TIDI. Begin or continue an FC career with us and lead alliance members on grid as you rise through the ranks from content FC to alliance FC.

-People willing to put in the effort to improve. That may mean going out solo and practicing what you learned on comms or simply asking questions when you have them.

-People that like when content comes to them and respect the groups that choose to do so by not dropping capitals on content roams to our space.

-People that want to put away the super umbrella and dance in the rain.


To Apply: (Apply and we review -> Discord Interview -> Join us if it’s a good fit)

Federated Alliance of Mafias (FAM) is looking for:

-Established PvP corps that want to join a new alliance and immediately contribute to making a difference, winning battles, and building a competitive alliance the right way.

-EU and Aus corps need to be self-sufficient with content creation at this time.

Discord: (Established PvP Corps that are interested can DM Smokes McPot)

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Good guys, had a lot of good memories in the past with them

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