(FAM) Federated Alliance of Mafias is Now Recruiting PvP Corps

FAM is an alliance created by the leadership of Brand Newbros. We gained our leadership experience as we grew Brand Newbros from 40 characters into a top 100 corp in the game according to zKillboard, the 2nd largest corp in TEST with the 2nd most kills all time in the alliance, and an industrial force.

We are looking for corps that fit our culture and that want to grow with us. We are interested in corps of all skills levels. Interested corps must be active and have a history of PvP. Our strongest time zone is USTZ currently, with some EU and Aus coverage. We would love to pick up EU and Aus corps that can handle themselves in our slower times.

-Content, fun, and growth are our focuses.

-No blues. We shoot our friends and they shoot us.

-Subcap skills are important to our success. Bring them with you or be willing to develop them with us.

-We encourage groups to bring fleets to us for mutual content and we do not drop capitals on them within our pocket as a show of respect. Make sure your members are okay with this.

-No Supercap Umbrella.

-Sov in Vale of the Silent. Guristas rats.

-Our ambitions will grow as we do.

https://zkillboard.com/related/30000215/202004011900/ (Large fight in our staging today)

https://zkillboard.com/related/30003634/202003260600/ (Join our Nano Roams and learn with us)

Discord: https://discord.gg/RNTTS9X (Contact Smokes McPot by DM for any recruitment related matters)

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