Brand Newbros and FAM alliance are now recruiting Pilots and Corps [Sov Null, PvP Focused, No Blues]

Brand Newbros recently left TEST alliance to form the Federated Alliance of Mafias (FAM) alliance. We have no blues. Our focus is on getting content, growing our community, and building an alliance that can compete without sacrificing our fun and principals.

Brand Newbros is looking for:

-Mature people and corps that fit the community culture.

-FCs of all levels that enjoy solo to medium sized fleets. No TIDI here.

-People that want to become FCs and content creators.

-Those interested in improving at or teaching solo/nano/small gang.

-People willing to put in the effort to improve. Sometimes that means going out solo and practicing what you learned on comms. It means integrating with the corp and learning through them.

-People that like when content comes to them and respect the groups that choose to do so by not dropping capitals on subcap roams.

-People that want to put away the super umbrella and dance in the rain.


To Apply: (Apply -> Receive Comms temp link after review -> Join us on fleets and get to know us)

FAM leadership is made up of the same people that have ran Brand Newbros for years. When we left TEST, we had a choice between joining an existing alliance or making a new one and we chose the latter because Eve needs more groups willing to stand on their own. The only way to ensure that the alliance that we joined would not trade away content for security was to form the alliance ourselves.

Federated Alliance of Mafias (FAM) is looking for:

-Corps that want content first and are willing to trade their security to get it.

-Newer corps that are looking for an alliance where they can prove themselves without having to worry about politics.

-Established corps that want to join a new alliance and immediately contribute to making a difference, winning battles, and building a top tier alliance the right way.

Discord: (Corps interested can DM Smokes McPot)


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