Bras-Tek Industries - Industry, PvP, Unicorns!

Bras-Tek Industries is searching for Industrialists and combat pilots interested in the long run. The biggest part of our corporation is its community, we focus a lot on community driven projects, crews, and operations both in high-sec and null-sec. We are an NRDS (Not Red, Don’t Shoot!), organization. Our areas of operation are Ammartar/Minmatar high sec. Our Main goal is null-sec to grow and expand the NRDS coalitions but to also expand our communities own horizon and to make a positive difference in eve online.

What we offer:
- OBP (ore, ice, PI)
- SRP (fleet losses)
- Corporate research initiatives
- Array of blueprint selections
- Citadel services in high, Low, Null-sec
- Newbro & Vet driven community
- Weekly mining operations
- lots of reds to shoot

What we require:
- Recruits to provide API information
- To be active at least 3-4 times a week
- To be on comms (Discord) when required
- To uphold the Unions values, policies, and agreements with the utmost respect and professionalism

We are an ever evolving community of like-minded pilots that want to make our mark on the universe in a positive history.

Our recruiters in-game are as followed: Cassian Anneto (CEO), Tom Benelly (VP), Omegaeye Audene, Lara Zateki, Taureus ‘Puretide’ Wirth

Awesome people that fly in that corp. Very nice mining ops as well. I see a bright future here!

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One of the best corps ive had the pleasure to fly in and with even before joining up with them. Great fun, Relaxed leadership no grumping or b*itching. Great for old or new pilots alike :smiley:

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Oh Wow! These guys are great! They fly mining operations a lot, and do really really fun Fleet activities.

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Only way to fly around is with that BRS tag, these guys have taught me the ropes and have made me a better eve player then i could of even hoped for, unreal isk income and just a great group to play with

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You had me at unicorns…I’m highly loyal.

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Message one of us in-game then so we can talk more there :smiley:

ok, I tried you and another…offline, i’ll try later.

On now <3