🇪🇺 EU | UK | US | Nul-Bridge Industrial Technologies – Mining, Industry, Missions, PvE – Only 5% Tax, Buyback Scheme, BPO Library – Inclusive, rookie friendly, player focused


Nul-Bridge Industrial Technologies is currently small but we’re looking to grow and actively recruiting both rookie and experienced pilots.

At the moment we’re (mostly) based in high-security space with occasional forays into low-sec. In time, and as resources allow, we’ll look at developing and building our low-sec operations, but at the moment, we’re sticking with what we know best.

The reputation of our corporation is important to us - we try to be polite and friendly, both to each other and to others in local (we don’t do griefing etc).

Our ethos and style are to play in a relaxed, co-operative and supportive way and we’re social, friendly and non-judgemental (we aim to be welcoming to women, disabled people and LGBTQ friendly).

We have zero tolerance for any kind of misogyny, racism, homophobia or other discriminatory attitudes. We also take a very dim view of pilots who attempt to cheat via illegal task automation (known as ‘botting’).

In terms of what we do do in New Eden, we lean towards mining (ice and all ores), PI (Planetary Interaction), industry, production and particularly shipbuilding. We also do PvE (Player vs Environment) and some scanning and exploration.

We have an extensive library (gradually growing in size) of over 100 BPOs (most fully optimised), with BPCs, available on request, to all corp pilots, either for free or at the nominal reproduction cost. Feel free to ask us for the BPO list once you’ve joined, but it includes ships like the Covetor, the Venture, the Miasmos and the Vexor as well as various modules and ammo etc.

We offer a buy-back scheme for ores and other items (subject to available funds) which pays out at around 90% of the Jita price. It saves the hassle of hauling stuff to market and we’ll buy pretty much anything you have.

Our tax rate is a very reasonable and low 5%.

In terms of our long-term focus, this is firmly on becoming one of the best, most welcoming and awesome corporations out there, whatever our size - our inspiration is corporations like EVE University.

Our plan is to be a corporation that will always be committed to welcoming and helping rookies adjust to the complexities of EVE but one that also exists as a co-operative of hardened EVE veterans who work and play together, primarily to have fun, but to be, where we can, a force for good in New Eden.


★ Rookie and New Pilot Friendly
★ Social, Friendly, Inclusive
★ Mining, PI + Industry
★ Missioning + PvE
★ BPO Library - Low Cost or Free BPCs on request
★ Buy-Back Scheme
★ Low Tax Rate: 5%



Returning player after a looonng hiatus. I’m not able to be Uber active, get an hour or so weeknights and a bit more weekends. Would love to join - your name sold me haha, love that movie:

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Hello! I am interested in joining your corporation.

I am from Romania. My first toon was made back in 2019, and since then I have been playing occasionally until 2021, when I tried to invest more time into it.
I have two toons: 1.5m sp for mining/industry and 5m sp mostly for PvE/PvP (used to do ratting in nullsec). I’ve started doing mining/industry recently and let’s say that, I really like it. Despite the amount of SP I still could call myself a beginner, because I am not sure if I truly understood the mechanics of this game, yet.
I would love to experience a corp once again, this might be my second corp I have ever joined, if that happens… The toons are: Bai Orel and Alexo Marcus. I would like to know if there is a minimum age and english skill requirement. Thank you!

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I’ve been a player since 2007. I operate two corps, four omega accounts and three alpha accounts.

Highly experienced indie+PvE player, exclusively in hi-sec till now. My main corp probably has some of the best roid miners New Eden, as mining was where I cut my teeth and earned my first serious money.

The main corp, with assistance from the secondary corp, also runs PIs on 72 planets (in north New Eden, centred on Jita, and south New Eden, centred on Amarr), producing all P4 Advanced Commodities and their precursors, bringing in several billion ISK a month if all PIs are set to maximum.

I also do T1 manufacturing, focusing on T1 ships, ship modules and ammo, and have all the BPOs for these. I haul all my own stuff, as I have a large fleet of haulers, including Ittys, freighters and blockade runners.

Finally, I also have extensive experience in hi-sec PvE. I can solo most L4s (or with one combat ship and one logistics ship), and have a fleet of combat ships, from frigates to battleships, across all four races, plus some faction.

Happy to consider seconding some of my chars to Nul-Bridge, or forming a strategic partnership between Nul-Bridge and my own corps for mutual benefit (commercial, military). Also happy to share my experience of mining and PI in a consultant/advisor capacity. Always believed in helping out fellow Indies :slight_smile:

Email me in-game.

Maxx Ender
United Free Space

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hi only been playing a few months, am online most days and am interested in mining/pve and exploration.

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Hey, I’m interested in joining, I’m a rookie explorer but I swear I actually do PVE from time to time x) I’m not super active, around 3 to 4 hours in the evening, tz UTC+1

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Hi, im interested in joining your corp, im coming back after 2 years, never really got out of the newbie status before giving up on the game

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Hello, im intrested in joining your corporation. I just started playing so a relatife smaller corp as yours and in high - sec zone looks perfect for me. My ign is MTHolyfire

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Where in New Eden are you based? Just came back to the game and might be interested in joining a industrial corp that is ok with limited play time (new father)


Interesring. Where are you guys based at?

Thank you!

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Hi, I’ve recently returned to the game after a break. I used to live in a low class wormhole with a RL friend but lost interest after he didn’t play as much. I enjoy EvE but it’s too hard doing it alone. I like pve, scanning and tried mining and a little pvp I’d be up for anything though really.

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Hello there, I m interested to join if.you guys are still recruiting

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Thanks - I’ll look out for your mail.

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Hi! I’m interested in joining to your corporation. My name is Kirill(16 y.o) I don’t have omega but I’m collecting money on it (already collected 1.6 billon isk). I’m mostly harvesting gas, but if you want I’ll mine ore/ice(when I’ll buy omega) or salvage. I can play for 2-3 hours a day, sometimes 4-6. I was looking for a rookie-friendly corporation, where I could normally :sparkles:grind​:sparkles: and help corp. Also can be helpful as support in pvp/pve.
If I can join, please write me in discord( simp1leo#5530) or answer here.

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Hey. I used to be in a industry and more mining corp, over 10 years ago. I just came back a few days ago and am kind of getting hooked, but really am looking for a Corp to join.

I am in the EU timezone. The only caveat is I have a family etc, so wont be able to be on as much as some.

I really am looking for a corp to help me work on my industry skills etc, plus helping me getting back into it.
Is this something that would fit here?

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Hi, recently started playing again and trying to get used to it all and learn. Mainly doing mining and trying industry at the moment, but i’m looking to try other pve related things. Will be playing most days around working hours and days as they can be changed from week to week and hoping to find a corp that can guide me and eventually somewhere i can contribute to.

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Hey, just a reminder as haven’t recieved it yet :wink:

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Hi, would you be interested in having me in your corp?

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