BRAVE moves to IMPASS Region

(Multifrequency) #1

The following Intel has been gathered about the Brave Collective.

– The Initiative’s resistance is steadfastly increasing, with major battles expected over valuable moons.
– Setbacks to the campaign were caused due to Escalating Entropy [CHAOS] destroying the staging Fortizar citadel in the 9-4RP2 system.
– Mordus Angels [MoA] have been great allies but are occupied at the moment and will not be able to assist the alliance at the time.
– Pandemic Horde [REKTD] are unable to help either due to standings issues.
– Entities such as Pandemic Legion [-10.0], Northern Coalition. [NC] and others have shown a sudden interest in Brave Collective.
– Brave Collective will move to the Impass region, due in part to the current political uncertainty.
– All options regarding Brave Collective’s future move are on the table.
– In the meantime, the alliance will entrench itself in the region, deploying citadels and making it harder for hostiles to evict it.
– Most of the space can be given up except the 9-4RP2 and XZH-4X systems.

Brave Collective has currently no answer for Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition’s super capital escalation.

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