Bravecollective is Expanding

Hello everyone!
As you may have heard, Brave is gaining the region of Fade and we will be living in the Keepstar in C4C-Z4 Brave will stay in Pureblind but the main staging will be moved to C-4 within next 3 months
Also if i picked it up correctly GTC is being called B2 now wich stands for the co-op between brave and blob

Fly safe 7o

Don’t forget to pay rent.

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Was I supposed to pay rent? :scream:

quickly logs in to save assets before getting kicked out for not paying rent in half a decade

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If a coalition is like a household, I imagine the GTC/B2 coalition to be something like The Young Ones

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we were gifted the space by our coalition members no rent

Calm down miner.

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