New corp to be made soon

Hello everyone, I am councilor Obi Wan.

In the next few hours or so, I will be using an in game Alt to create a brand new corporation.

Main focus for now will be Mining and mission running until members start to grow.

Keep on mind this will be my very first time starting a corp, so most benefits that others can offer, I can not. IN time, yes, all the benefits will be there but as of now it will be mainly about growth and making friends while doing what you love in New Eden.

One day, of this goes well, we will be moving to Null but that will be a conversation for another day.

Will be located in High Security space near one of the trade hubs within New Eden, where and which one will be announced on forum page and English Recruitment when said corp is established along with name. I would do it now but I am at work.

Hope to see some of you! In the mean time fly safe (or not) o7


Can you provide mining boost?


Hello @Obi_wan_shanobi.

There is a recruiting section if you were looking to recruit members to your new corp. You will likely want to post there.

Otherwise welcome to the game.


Why are you going to use an alt to create it?

I think this would be better in the recruitment centre.

In GD, you’re likely to be trolled.

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Maybe it belongs in Crime and Punishment?

Alt is more trained with skills that need. Trolls welcome, all welcome to comment and express opinion. Even bad publicity is good publicity (; post is also in recruitment center o7

I’m just going to come out and say it: there’s no need to announce something like this, because it happens hundreds of times every day and isn’t some kind of special event that the community needs to be informed of. Unless you’re attempting something very unusual or some kind of unique project and want the community’s input, there’s no reason to announce that you’re making a generic high-sec corporation.

Maybe turn this thread into a discussion about the idea of corporations in general, or ask for advice or something instead.


Indeed, and here is another one! Xoxo (;

Also I do appreciate the advice, and it is duly noted (:

Fair answer.

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Well, can you?

Aiko gives the best mining boost you have ever had.


Was seconding her questions to the poster lol

Ah. I think the poster has moved on. He is probably training his corp management skill to lvl 4.

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What system?

Possibly somewhere near rens or dodixie, haven’t been able to creat yet

Oh, please say it’ll be near dodixie.

In fact, you should look into making your HQ in Hevrice. Just a few jumps away!

I would not put up a structure if that’s in your plans

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It’s not. I don’t plan on putting any structures in High sec at all.

It may very well be near dodixie, or possibly rens I need to do some scouting when I get on