Big Alliances vs Corps

I am trying to understand differences between big alliances like Brave, Goons, Pandemic and normal corps. Currently I am training the pilot, from missions switched to abyssals recently. I assume within 1-2 months I can try pvp. At that point I would like to join a corp.

At one side those mega alliances, making up rules and expect you to obey them. Have their training plans and fittings. I will not write all details but it seems like you just become a gear in a big machine. Even they have HR. I have my fair share of experience with HR in my life (at some points as their manager) and deal with them in a game? Thanks, but no thanks.

On the other hand there are 10-20 at max 50 pilot corps, you can fly for fun, at voice chat know people by their voice at some time. Possibly grab a beer if your paths cross in real life.

Probably I am missing benefits of those mega corps and hoping someone can explain me. Another example is Brave (As I am looking their skill plans as a reference, I had time to study them, no offence intended with using them as an example) is expecting you to bring your capital ship. I know that I can not fly them for a long time but some corps’ advert saying that they can provide those.

This is a split issue based on preference. You will likely need to try both.

Umm hi, I am a recruiter for one of those little corps you are talking about, but lemme try to explain:

Big alliances makes big coalitions in null sec and while yes, in one aspect you are a cog in the machine, you can also join a corp of one of the smaller alliances in the coalition and still have that tight nit feel, with all the fun of giant wars, fleets, and relative saftey. (GDSI and The Council of Exiles are two of the examples from brave that I would reccomend.)

I am not a spokesperson for brave in any manner, but I flew with them and they are a great bunch and you do not need a capital ship to join them, they are just offering services to help people move their capitals, and probably stating they have a ship replacement program for those capital ships. (This is a best guess idk what you are reading.)

Then you got a corp like mine, that is a small wormhole group who does their own thing in a very tight nit environment, and who enjoys smaller scale pvp, rather then the massive block warfare. Ultimately you want to pick a corporation who is willing to help you navigate the different styles of play EVE has to offer in a welcoming environment and I would say any BRAVE corp or a corp like my own could offer that.

Also, just because you join a corp, doesn’t mean you can’t leave or venture into other endevours in the future.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me on discord: hellbent69420

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