Brittas Empire. Building in 0.0. Smegheads Unite in PH

Brittas are recruiting all kinds of pilots to fill our ranks and be part of our ever growing social network. Mainly comprised of U.K. players and a mix of some Eu players too, were focussing on building that tz. Other time zones are also welcome. Feel free to come and have a chat. We don’t bite and are a friendly group

What we offer:

  • Access to PH fleets and space
  • Fleet PvP
  • Space to krab in
  • Fun social gaming atmosphere
  • Cap drops

What we are looking for:

  • Working Mic
  • At least 5m skill points
  • English speaking
  • Friendly Personality
  • Activity

Hop into our discord for a chat.

Shim o7

Bump for some old friends :smile:

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You coming back old buddy? Lol

10/10 some of the best smegheads ive ever flown with.

Smoke me a kipper, il be back for breakfast!

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Bump for the day

Recruitment is still open

Bump for the day

Bumpety bump

Recruitment still open

Bumpy bump bump

New bump. Come chat to us. We don’t bite

Come be more than just a number. Be a number with cookies and blow