Brittas Empire - Where smeg heads unite in NS

Sick of drama? So was I.

Sick of being hotdropped while flying a frigate through lowsec? So was I.

Sick of not having a solid core of players to mock and be mocked by on discord? So was I.

Sick of not having nice space to krab your little krabby heart out? So was I!

Like drinking tea? So do I

Seriously, it is like we are the same person, get out of my head and get into The Brittas Empire.

We offer;

Safe space to rat/mine.
Industrial facilities.
Corp logistics.
Frequent PvP in both large gang and small with corp and alliance.
Capital fights!

Minimum requirements are a sense of humor,
5 million SP, 6 months history and a willingness to fleet up when the manure hits the fan.

Hop on discord today to chat to a recruiter. You may want to avoid Ratikilla though, he’s a bit strange.

Hit the link here and say hi by pasting “Git Gud Mundi” in public channel.

Whether or not you decide to come and talk to us, remember EVE is a game that gives you back what you put into it, so whether you fly safe or fly dangerous what really matter is that you fly.

Shim o7


Recruitment still open. Join our discord if you like cheese

So what’s you’re favourite kind of tea?

To the top :thinking:

Don’t be shy, we don’t bite… On sundays

To the top

Since I have been manager, I am proud to say there have only been twenty-three deaths. …

Recruitment still open :stuck_out_tongue:

To the top

Still on the look out for more UK/EU tz pilots

Bump. Wargames included for free.

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