Britta's Empire is Recruiting!

Greetings Online Space Ship Lovers!

We are Britta’s Empire, and we are looking to grow our member base, we are EUTZ heavy but we do have USTZ and other Timezones within the Brittas Family, we are very much like a Brother/Sisterhood here, we love giving one another stick and Mum Jokes are on the regular… might be too regular… but we have a laugh!

We are developing our PVP teams once again, now we have returned home from Delve to allow us to expand our in house PVP potential [Blops / Roams]. We are also looking for pilots within the Corporation who to wish hone their Fleet Commander skills amongst friends should they wish to push towards a career within the Alliance as a Fleet Commander one day, our fleets also allow the opportunity for newer pvpers to develop their fleet knowledge and upskill. We do of course have regular Alliance level fleets you don’t need to be the most skilled pilot in the game to attend those and the Alliance offers support to less knowledgeable attendees.

At Brittas we don’t just PVP, we of course Welcome Industrial pilots and pilots that love to kill NPCs and boost their isk gains, being part of Pandemic Horde your options for personal industrial development are limitless, you have access to regular high end moons, regional gas spawns and planets to suit your needs. Pandemic Horde also allows you access to their T2 Rigged Production Facilities within the region.

If your love is killing NPCs and Escalations, we do also have multiple opportunities for you to go out and grind for that isk, there are buyers for escalations should you wish to sell those on.

ESI Checks and a Quick Chat are part of the recruitment process! if you want more details on that please feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

That’s pretty much us…

Want to ask questions or hear more of what we have to offer join the ingame recruitment channel: Brittas-Rec

Discord: Brittas Empire

Hope to Speak Soon!

may i join

Looking at your pilot, you are still VERY new to EVE online, if this isn’t an alt pilot to your Main? so i’d not encourage you to head straight into Nullsec on your first few days should you actually be new,

Is the corp name any relation to the BBC TV show by similar name? :sunglasses:

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It is! lol

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That was a great show! :+1:

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Can’t remember when i last watched it truth be told, but i love Chris in Red Dwarf!

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Hello, where abouts do you guys base out of? Is the Geminate region part of your alliance/ coalitions space?

The Kalevala Expanse is Home but Germinate is part of our alliances Sov.

Still Recruiting Pop in for a Chat!!

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