Brittas Empire. A social and fun 0.0 corp

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Are you someone who is looking to make your way to Null Sec? Do you want to join a Corp within a great Alliance? Do you want to be more than a number in a Corp? Do you want opportunities to progress up the ranks in one? We can help!

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We focus on being proficient and disciplined combat pilots, for both small-scale and fleet PvP of 0.0 space. But if you are a budding industrialist we have a place for you too!

And most importantly, the purpose of our Corporation is to have fun!


-Access to 0.0 space
-Member of a great Alliance
-Has PvP and Industrial pilots
-Competent and experienced leadership
-Active and growing Alliance with very active PvP and Indy - more content than you can shake a stick at!
-Enjoyable game environment that encourages teamwork and companionship
-Alliance SRP
-Alliance buy back programs


-Microphone & TS3
-Must be able to speak English
-Self-sufficient for ISK
-Mature and respectful of others

Visit our forums for more information!

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30Mill SP looking for NEW Started corp/Small corp
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Recruitment is open for all

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Come take a look

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No, you can’t make me.

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Come have a chat

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Recruitment open for all

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Recruitment open for all

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Recruitment open for all

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Recruitment still open

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Recruitment still open for all

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Still open for all pilots

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Still open for all

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Recruitment open for all. We may even have free cookies

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Recruitment still open. I may have eaten the cookies though

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A fun place to play is within reach, you just need to chat to us :sunglasses:

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Grab a beer and come join us for a chat

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Recruitment still open for all

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You say all …

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Recruitment still open