Brohemia Lowsec PVP/SML-MED Fleets/SpaceBros

Brohemia is a low sec entity that is focused on pvp. Whilst we take any TZ we are very interested in expanding our EU & US TZ. If you are interested in joining our operation then please contact us in our ingame pub channel Brohemia Pub.

What we offer:
✪ Pvpers
✪ Low Sec Alliance
✪ Alliance Ops
✪ Corp Ops
✪ Target Driven
✪ Ore Buy Back Program
✪ TS3/Discord
✪ Daily Roams and Ops
✪ Diverse Content Provided
✪ Active Leadership
✪ Active Bromans
✪ Bros before Ho’s

What we expect from our members:
✪ Self-Sufficient
✪ Working Headset and Mic
✪ Positive Attitude
✪ Willingness to learn

Check us out online at
If you have any questions feel free to join our public channel: Brohemia Pub.

More than welcome.

Another day.

Our weekly roam. Was a good day for BROMANS!!!

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Any need for a blockade runner?

@Cargo_Virpio I’ll contact you ingame. Join our ingame channel Brohemia Pub.

We still roam like madmen. Have fun and join us. Meet us in Brohemia Pub channel ingame.

Daily Bump Bromans!

Still recruiting!

Daily Bro Bump!

Bump-a-holic …

Public channel: Brohemia Pub

I am blue to Brohemia. They are a very good group of pilots.

Ye @Fexten, we are. Thank you. Come check it out yourself.

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