[HS][NS] Looking For Corp

New player (UK TZ) looking for an established corp with mature members and active leadership. Below you’ll find a few things i enjoy.

  • Mission running
  • Ratting
  • Exploration
  • Occasional PVP

These are a few things i enjoy doing right now, but as i’m a new player i haven’t had a chance to get into everything to game has to offer.

Also a reasonably secure part of space were i can mission run would be a huge benefit! as well as being war eligible.

Please do feel free to message me in-game or comment here.


Hello Colin,

Welcome to Eve Online.

Check us out here:

We have operations both in High Sec and Low sec.

We have a very diverse amount of content. Fleet, roams, gangs, blops, etc.

We are all bros in space.

In Brohemia, this is the atmosphere we always strive for and we help each other out in many ways as we learn the game together.

We have experienced players and FCs.

Our in-game channel is Brohemia Pub or send me an in-game mail.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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Hi Colin!

It sounds like our corp, South of Heaven, may be just what you’re looking for. We live on a High Sec island in Placid - High Sec surrounded by Low Sec. This gives us access to PvP in FW space and Null as well as safe High Sec PvE (missioning). We’re a casual group of working adults, and we like to split our time between low key PvE and isk making activities during the week and PvP on the weekend. We’re currently running a weekly PvP fleet on Saturdays at 0100 Eve time (900pm EST). Contact me if you’d like to know more - good luck!

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Still Searching.

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Hi Colin what tz are you in?

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Sent you a mail ingame buddy (another UK guys here)

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Still looking.