South of Heaven [SOHCO] Seeks Casual PvPers!

South of Heaven [SOHCO] Seeks Casual PvPers!

Who We Are:

SOHCO is a small group of veteran players looking to restart our corp after a short hiatus from Eve. We’re casual PvPers - aging gamers with real life commitments that prevent us from going full hardcore Eve. We still love seeing spaceships explode though, so we’re carving out a little niche for ourselves on a High Sec island in Placid. Our headquarters gives us access to PvP in active low sec and multiple null sec regions without the hassle of alliance/coalition commitments, long blue lists, and all the other BS that comes with Sov Null.

What You Get:

  • Classy People: We insist on mature members who demonstrate wit, humor and sportsmanship. No ignorant behavior toward others will be tolerated.
  • Actual Friends: Our core group has been playing Eve together for a year or more, and we are part of a 12-year old multi-game community. As friends with deep roots, we have cultivated a fun, collaborative, zero-drama atmosphere.
  • Organization: We have seasoned leadership with a proven track record across multiple games. Our decision-making is consistently transparent, thoughtful and well-planned.
  • Supportive: We encourage members to be engaged, take risks, create content, and help us to build our presence in the game. Want to learn how to fly better, or how to FC? We can help you do that in a chill environment where no one cares if you make a mistake!
  • Relaxed: We are committed to making Eve fun and accessible to working adults. We balance fun, improvement, and real life. Our typical weekdays involve PvE or other isk making activities for an hour or so a night to fund a weekend of PvP. We run one corp fleet every Saturday night, and we use NPSI fleets to supplement our corp PvP activities. We’ll expand our corp PvP fleets as our member base grows.

Who Are We Looking For?

Casual PvPers who want a relaxed environment outside of the null sec donut or W-space. Your killboard, total SP, and history don’t mean a whole lot to us. We’re more interested in whether you’ll be a good fit for our group and our setup. Are you comfortable operating without corp/alliance/coalition logistics/market services and round the clock FCs? Are you a nice person who believes in treating people with dignity and respect? Do you want PvP at least one or two times a week? You’ll probably enjoy flying with us if you answer “yes” to all these questions.

Some other things to note: We’re recruiting for any TZ, but we’re primarily US East Coast right now. The closer you are to EST you are, the better, but we might be a good fit for people further away with irregular play times. Our prime time is between 0100 and 0300. Another thing to note is that we’re not setup as an new player corp. That’s not to say new players cant have fun with us. We’ve actually got quite a few new players who’ve joined us recently. We can definitely talk if you’re a new player interested in playing with a small corp. We just like to be upfront with the fact that we aren’t able to offer the perks and services that large new player alliances like Eve Uni and Brave Newbies provide.

Applicant Requirements & Next Steps:

If you’re interested in joining us, contact Simone Kaundur by in-game mail or convo. You can also register on our forums,, and post an introduction message in the Public Access subforum. In both cases, we’ll ask you to do a short voice chat on Discord with one of us before we send you a corp invite.

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SOHCO bros, best bros!

Check us out if you’re interested in low maintenance space friends and PvP. We’re roaming tomorrow at 0100 Eve, come join us!

Looking for more spacefriends, come check us out!

Seeking casual pilots interested in a little PvP - no experience required!

#BumpinMaBuddies :smiley:

Looking for some new Eve friends? Come check us out!

Still looking for new pilots!

Great LS community here!

Fleet tomorrow at 0100 Eve - contact me if you want roam with us!

Fleet tonight at 0100, Eve mail or convo me you want to try us out. Free ships! We’re doing well recruiting wise - up to ten humans behind an army of alts. Our goal is 15-20 actual people in corp. Check us out if you’re looking for casual pvp with some pve thrown in for good measure!

We’ve had quite a few new Eve players join the corp over the last couple weeks. It’s cool to meet people who are coming to the game brand new and excited to get the full Eve experience. More new players welcome, but we’d love to have a couple more like minded vets aboard to help us teach our newbies how to lose their ships!