South of Heaven [SOHCO] Seeking New and Veteran PvP Pilots!

Who We Are:

SOHCO is a group of veteran Eve players currently living in Black Rise and fighting for the Caldari Militia. We are adults with busy lives exploring Eve for areas that maximize our “fun per hour” after a long stay in deep blue Null Sec. We seek “content with consequence” where individual decisions can make a difference. We are

We are surrounded by content and have experienced FCs who love that we are staged right next to some of the most violent regions of Low and Null. Our current calendar includes scheduled roams each week, as well as social mixers involving some combination of PvE and booze. We are excited to be part of The Bloc alliance, giving us access to new friends, fleets, and content in the Black Rise area. We encourage all our members to try their hand at content creation, whether that’s through solo PvP, FCing our fleets, organizing group PvE, or just being a character.

Our corp takes pride in our healthy balance between competence and fun. All of our pilots have the drive to learn more and improve PvP skills. But we never forget that this is our hobby and it’s all about fun in the end.


What You Get:

  • Classy People: We insist on mature members who demonstrate wit, humor and sportsmanship. No ignorant behavior toward others will be tolerated.

  • Actual Friends: Our core group has been playing Eve together for a year or more, and we are part of a 12-year old multi-game community. As friends with deep roots, we have cultivated a fun, collaborative, zero-drama atmosphere.

  • Organization: We have seasoned leadership with a proven track record across multiple games. Our decision-making is consistently transparent, thoughtful and well-planned.

  • Supportive: We encourage members to be engaged, take risks, create content, and help us to build our presence in the game. Want to FC or otherwise help us blow stuff up? Well, you’ll find plenty of support here! We welcome PvP veterans and new players. Our small size allows us to provide new PvPers with individualized attention and advice. While most of our veterans are ISK-independent, we have some unique money-making opportunities that will help any player support their PvP fix!

  • Relaxed: We are committed to make Eve fun and accessible to working adults. We balance fun, improvement, and real life.

  • Nomadic: We are in the midst of a “corporate walkabout” where we decided to head out into the Eve wilderness in search of maximum fun per hour. We are currently fighting for the Caldari Militia in Black Rise, painting our killboard red with frigates while we learn to be better pilots. We don’t know our final destination and we kind of like it like that!


Applicant Requirements & Next Steps:

We prefer applicants who are USTZ and PvP-oriented. SOHCO hopes to see you in at least one fleet per week. That said, we do not see ourselves as “elite” - we are still learning (and making mistakes) every day! Right now is a great time for new players to join, as we are learning to be better pilots through a series of structured PVP Challenges each week. We also expect all members to be active on our message board and Discord.

We’d also welcome applicants from outside of the US - just keep in mind that our fleets usually start between 0200 and 0300!

If you are interested, we encourage you to get in touch with us by doing any or all of the following:

  • Join our discord and ask for a recruiter:

  • Join the channel “SOHCO Public” and make some new space-friends

  • Send in-game mail/convo to Simone Kaundur or Valence Benedetto.

  • Register and post an introduction at

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Still looking for new pilots!


We’re roaming Black Rise tonight, potential applicants are welcome to join us! Join our discord and ask for a recruiter for details!

We’ll be roaming this weekend, contact us if you’d like to join a fleet!

We have a roaming fleet tomorrow night that’s open to pilots interested in joining our corp! Send me a message here or on Discord if you’d like the details!

Fleet tonight, come try us out!

Updated OP - We’re all pumped to join some great dudes in The Bloc alliance! Still searching for some more like-minded pilots!

Look me up in Eve or on our Discord this weekend if you’re interested in joining!

We’ve got lots of fleet activity planned for Friday and Saturday - contact me if you’d like try a fleet with us!

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