Corp in the Market for Low/NPC Null Alliance


Our corp, South of Heaven Ltd, is on the hunt for an alliance of like minded corps living/operating primarily in low or NPC null. We are a small group (15-20 active players) focusing primarily on casual pvp in USTZ. You can see more about us here: South of Heaven [SOHCO] Seeks Casual PvPers!.

We’re looking primarily for a group that:

  • Meshes well with our culture;
  • Wants to PvP with us;
  • Isn’t part of a large blue coalition or Sov Null (really, we’re not interested in Sov Null).

Bonus points if you’re active in both EU and USTZs! Please Evemail me if you’d like to talk to us about your alliance.

Check your inbox

Still looking!

You might be interested in the Garden coalition (CENTI, Arkhos Core, DEQC) living in Venal.

Come check us out:

Take a look

We’re looking for more corps

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