Returning corp looking for alliance

Returning players looking for an alliance

Prefer USTZ

Open to all hs/ls/ns/ws

join IIAR Pub or mail me ingame


You Are Welcome With Us :grinning:

Replied to your message but just incase come by my Corp server we can talk after I’m off work The Order of Omerta

Hey buddy,

Check out Holy Hunters :

Thanks for the offer, this time around I do not want to make EvE a job, and living in wspace has always been a job.



If you send me a mail in game - Zefo

I can forward your interest to our alliance leader. We operate in both high sec & low sec so we fulfill all aspects for what your corp will be looking for.


Hi there Ping pangwang

Would you be interested in Pochven and being part of a VERY laidback independent pvp alliance.

If you would consider that please make sure to check our latest vid below

You can also find us on our discord server if you want to talk some

Since you lads operate in the US tz i will be great deal for us to increase our presence while the rest of us are in bed :slight_smile:

take care m8


I was looking at pochevn space, I’ll be home around 630 mst I’ll hit you up

XLostcauseX is recruiting new/old/returning players for Nullsec action! EU/USTZ our allience is always looking for corps or if you are only a few our corp is recruiting now all players new and old

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