Returning player looking for new home

Hi all,

Returning player who loves game but is lost, 2 accounts, loves low sec living main approx. 111m sp pve & pvp, relaxed game play

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If you’d consider NPC null you might find what you’re looking for in B0SS. Mostly US & EU players.

Can read some of the backstory here on our wiki or come see us on discord:

Howdy, we do nullsec which may not be your cup of tea, but I figured I would chuck our ad out there!

Please stop by for a chat. GL with corp hunt

domino3232 in game mail sent.

If you want a place in 0.0 that’s content rich and isk bountiful and filled with absolutely toxic free and hilarious community to come hang out in coms then I highly suggest checking out Agartha Forgeries (DISCORD).

I’m not going to waste your time listing crap about us here that your able to read on our forum post, but I will give you the honest truth; you would fit in perfectly with us.

Hey there!

Take a look at us and see if we suit what you are looking for.
We live in lowsec and are a friendly and supportive bunch wanting you to have your fun in New Eden.

Our ad: 👽 Residents of Molden Heath with VERY FEW BLUES want you for some shenanigans [EU/US] -Broken Chains Alliance- - #29 by Rainarchy

Good luck! :blush:

hi there domino

if you have not found a home yet please make sure to read the 10 reasons why you should consider joining us :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hear from you m8


** Hanging by a threat ** is a dedicated Null sec corps within AARP Alliance .

We are a sovereignty holding, null security alliance living in [immensea ]. We are an alliance focused on PvP, Industry, and Production in many areas. We’re an easy going, welcoming, but dedicated group that is working towards growth both internally and externally.

We have goals for our corps as a whole. We help Old and New players grow in EvE through measurable goals and objectives. Rewarded by achievement and promotion. You have the chance to take the reigns in what you do best. We promote from within through dedicated knowledge and service.

Shoot pods, rocks, or spreadsheets we do it all…

—Our specializations—

  • We are dedicated towards become one of the most active PvP and PvE groups in AARP. fun fleets, strategic ops and the ability to join in with our many friends on large and huge battles. We also are proud of our production team, and creating New Player stories

----Opportunities ----

  • Alliance ship replacement (SRP) for strategic operations
  • Developed systems with full upgrades to further your ambitions.
  • Ample access to r64 and r32 moons…lots of them! - New bros-> these are the rocks you WANT to mine.
  • Ample space for ratting, mining, exploration, Maxxed out sov upgrades and fleets to do whatever it is you enjoy in your EvE life.
  • Alliance courier service is available, (moving in is as easy as making a courier contract),
  • A forgiving environment for aspiring FCs to develop themselves
  • Regular access to pvp with several surrounding regions
    ***** Corp buyback program currently at 90% Jita buy*****
    We are strategically aligned with many friends who share our values and strategic objectives. :slight_smile:

Our discord :

:uk: Large Active Established Null sec Community - Looking for miners / Ratters and PvP pilots - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

join us

Hi. You should check out Noir. We’re a mercenary alliance that lives in Thera, but we take contracts all over the game, doing everything from NS constellation harassments to WH structure saves to making timers in an area to see who sides with who. We’ve been around quite a while, long enough to have our own module and we even have the undisputed longest running EVE podcast.

Our players are fairly evenly split between EU and US TZ so you will have people to fly with. If objective oriented PvP sounds interesting to you, come chat with us on our Discord.

Hello there and welcome back,
I think most players have paused in game due to RL at times. We are Aurora Empire who are part of B0ss Alliance. we live in NPC nullsec. we have players in most timezones. We do blops and small gang roaming almost everyday. We hang out on comms and have a laugh. All chill, all fun. you can message myself or Jaxs lostinanet and someone will chat to you

We are a small corp out in scalding pass under the Valkyrie alliance. We mainly do industry with pvp on the side. Being in the alliance gives us access to moon mining/ratting space/industry structures. Fleets can range from massive all hands on deck to chill small gang roams.

We tend to do some small gang roams ourselves on weekends or when we get bored. Our primary TZ is currently around 1800-0000 depending on everyone’s work schedules.

You are very much “free” to do your own thing out here. Only requirement is to assist with CTA pings if you are able. Real life comes first always so no one will yell at you for missing one.REPZ

Inevitable Outcome - WH PVP CORP [EU] - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

Come check us out

domino3232, manage to find something yet? We have some amazing ores to mine, we’d welcome you to our community, hope we hear back from you. Mail previously sent with details.

Imperium Technologies is looking for more pilots like yourself. Would love to sit down snd tell you more about our great and well established corp. In game msg sent with details

Hi @domino3232

TDSIN is recruiting!

We live in lowsec, so we’ve an abundance of wormhole connections for pvp content! We roam, hunt through wormholes, black ops drop on people, and do medium sized fights every day in USTZ and EUTZ!

We pvp throughout the whole of New Eden as all the wormhole connections allow us to move around a lot.

We also just turned 13 years old recently, and we’ve got a lot of older players and returning ones joining. We have a casual laid back approach to things so there’s no CTAs or mandatory operations.

We have an onboarding department to help new and returning players lives a bit easier when they join and if people want it we do a fair bit of mentoring and hand holding to make sure people know the ropes as best they can.

If any of that interests you, hop into “TDSIN Recruitment” channel in game and come have a chat!

Here’s the link to our recruitment post on the forums for the whole spiel:

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