South of Heaven [SOHCO] Seeking New and Veteran Pilots!

Tired of roaming halfway across Eve to find valid targets? Come join us for casual PvP with no blues!

Still recruiting!

Contact me today and pvp with us tomorrow! We’re doing our weekly Saturday roam tomorrow @ 0100 Eve!

We’re recruiting again after a short break - contact me today if you’re looking for a casual group!

Look me up this weekend if you’re looking for a new corp!

We’re still recruiting - contact me in-game for more information!

Looking for new or experienced casual pvpers - come shoot stuff with us!

New to PvP? That’s cool, we can get you started. Veteran PvPer? Great, come shoot stuff with us.

Like to explode? Like to cause explosions? Come check us out for some casual PvP!

Still recruiting!

Bump! We’re in the process of moving 10ish jumps to a new home in west Syndicate. We’re going to be hanging out with some new friends, doing some new things in NPC Null, and continuing to hang out and fight in Placid (we love Placid!). We’re recruiting new players and vets alike. We’re a great fit for anyone that wants to learn to PvP but aren’t comfortable in a hardcore environment. Come check us out!

Looking for more spacefriends!

USTZ Bump! Looking for more people to hang out with!

Bump for ma buddies!

Thanks man! We’re definitely looking for more people to shoot stuff with us in Placid and Syndicate. Potential applicants: contact me anytime to talk about joining or find out more about us!

Contact me today if you’re interested in joining!

We’re recruiting newer players to teach as well as experienced pilots looking for something new. Plenty of fun PvP opportunities in Low and Null. Have a look at our OP and contact me today if you think we’d be a good fit!

Come check us out! We’re set up in Placid and Syndicate - plenty of PvP opportunities and super close to Jita. Newer players and vets welcome.

Contact me today for more information!

My corp has been flying with these guys weekly on roams for the last few weeks and i’ve been impressed with their culture and fun roams! They are even getting some of us mining carebears into proper PvP and liking it! Well worth it if you are looking for a PvP focused group to learn or enjoy some player combat.