Trio of Returning US Players looking for PVP Corp

Myself and two friends are returning EVE players looking for an active pvp corp to have fun and re-learn the game with.

Who are we:

We are a trio of players collectively from ~'05-'11. Back in the day we did everything from large fleets to empire wars, to FW, and recon camps.

We are primarily US though one of us is also active in AU. We are active an avg of 2-5 days weekly though rl will vary that.

We can fly a majority of subcaps for most any occasion. Capitols are more limited but still an option.

What are we looking for:


The bottom line is we came back to EVE but alot of the people we use to fly with are gone. We are looking for a group that looks for fights and has fun.

Other stuff:

We don’t mind helping out on logi and support duties, we know how this game is. However, we can’t alarm clock anymore.

Reikoku once threatened to kick me when my house got hit by lightning…that’s not the kinda corp we would go well with.

If we are a good fit:

If a few players like us are of interest to you please let me know here (preferable so all three of us can see) or to this character in game. I appreciate your time reading this and hope we can call one of your corps home!

o7 o7

Fed up with large blobs, blue donuts/balls, and New Eden politics? Don’t wanna spend an hour forming for a mandatory CTA that turns out to be another structure timer? Looking for dank frags instead of dank ticks?

Mea Culpa. is a fairly EUTZ Nullsec corp formed by a few buddies who enjoy killmails and relaxed comms. We are a part of Trigger Happy

While our killboard looks usually pretty ok, we don’t really care about ISK efficiency or other metrics of eliteness. So if you want to roam your 4b Marauder, that’s more than fine. If you can and want to fly blops that’s also very welcome, especially if can contribute a hunter, too.

We recently started a Channel on Youtube, so you can check out dank image videos there.

What can we offer?

  1. Explosions.
  2. A group that you can call friends and that’s small enough to recognize people on comms by voice.
  3. More explosions.
  4. Citadels with clone bays.

What should you bring?

  1. A good and somewhat mature attitude. This is by far the most important. Eve is a game and should be fun.
  2. A strong desire to blow up (player-owned and operated) stuff. This is not a PVE corp.
  3. A good level of skill points. No hard requirement, but we sometimes like to fly fancy stuff.
  4. A second account with useful toons (dread, scout, covert cyno) is not required but a big plus.

If all that sounds interesting, come by our discord or join our public channel in game: Mea Culpa.

I would recommend you get in touch with these guys…

Thanks will do!

Thanks Menegrith!

Hi Corduroy - we’d be happy to have you all if you’re interested. We do a mix of low sec and null PvP a few nights a week - anything from low sec micro gangs in t1 frigs to 20-25 pilots defending an objective in null. Our primetime is between 0100 and 0400 Eve/ 800pm and 1100pm EST. Definitely check us out if you’re looking for smaller group focused on casual PvP. If you’re interested, send me an in-game mail and I’ll set you up with our Discord. Good luck on your search!

We would love to have you guys!


TDSIN is one of oldest and biggest PVP corps in WH Space, we live out of a C5-C5 WH which gives us all content we need.

  • We offer a great community.
  • Alot of fleets
  • Ship SRP
  • Fun Wormhole OPS
  • Farmhole empire
  • IRL meetups.

Come check us out in.
TDSIN Recruitment ingame

Furu Bonehead
TDSIN Recruitment


I understand you are looking for a corp. We’re a Null Sec Corp that offers a place where you can learn, grow and become a valued part of our organization. We offer an infrastructure that supports what ever it is you enjoy doing in game. We’re happy to teach and are not assholes. All we ask is that you are willing to undergo a background check which takes 24 to 48 Hours.

The Zerva Corporation: A community of active players hell bent on having some fun and enjoyment as we seek to rule the universe. All that will be required of you is the respect of your Zervas brethren, a healthy, psychopathic, desire to blow ■■■■ up and the willingness to enrage our enemies as we expand the influence of the Corporate Empire.

To the right Pilots we offer many things.

Zervas Aeronautics
✪ Active Leadership
✪ Sov Alliance
✪ Relaxed Atmosphere
✪ Escalation sites
✪ Havens/Sanctums
✪ Exclusive Systems
✪ Moon Mining
✪ Exp FCs
✪ PVP Training
✪ Solo Action!
✪ Small Gang Action!
✪ Large Gang Action!
✪ Null Sec/Low Sec Action!
✪ Free Fitted Ships
✪ Combat Pay!
✪ TS/Mumble/Jabber/Discord
PUB The Evil Genius Bar and Grill

Fly Safe o7

The Prophit

Hi Everyone!

We appreciate all the replies, we are going to keep this thread live for another few days then we will discuss our things and start getting in-touch with you all. Thank you all again for your time!

On a side note we’ve taken an interest in the new…well “new” to us, t3 destroyers so if any of you do anything with those that would be really cool!

We have very limited experience with wormhole stuff…mostly just when they were released, would this be a problem since we would be starting form close to zero WH experience?

I noticed you list EUTZ, we are mostly in USTZ would that be a problem/do you have much USTZ coverage?

hey @Corduroy_Rab

have a look at this: Wasted Potential (Pandemic Horde) is Recruiting!

feel free to contact me in-game or on discord: Jericho StormCloud#6183 for a chat

Not really aslong as you are willing to learn and able to take criticism if mistakes are made.

we have indeed us time zone players and it will be no problem as our alliance run constantly fleets at us time zone. More details we can discuss on discord if it suit you just come by to our mea culpa discord discord

Sounds like we might be a good candidate for you guys. All of our guys are active daily, mostly veterans (100-200m SP), and our primary timezone is US.

Super tight knit group, heavily focused on quality over quantity. We actively meet up IRL, just got back from North Carolina because one of our UK guys flew over :slight_smile:

Ingame email headed your way.

Fairly casual, but the alliance has tons of content everyday. Come hang out in our discord for a bit and see if you like the atmosphere.

If you’re a PVP pilot looking for a change, please visit us:

In-game channel: Alien Public Discord:

Requirements for application: Access to Teamspeak - working headset and mic. Above all else we are here to have fun and cause mayhem whatever region it maybe.

I am one of the three people from this group. I am currently online if anyone wants to contact me or if there are any new offers for us to review. Plan atm is go over all offers and decide where we might fit in best.

Add me on discord
Furu Bonehead#9802