Broken chat system, when will you fix it?

I log in. My chat either spams me with disconnected from chat system, reconnected to chat system, every 2-3 seconds, or every time I try to talk in chat I get a response of undelivered. How do I repeat this bug? I log into the game.

As it stands now, my only way to communicate to anyone in game is to mail them. Your chat system has some fundamental flaw in it causing this. And it’s NOT limited to one character or one account. It’s every character and every account. I’ve re-verified my files. Redone permissions etc. Nothing works. I am NOT going to re-download the client. I am on a metered connection and my data is VERY limited. The fricking launcher updates chew my bandwidth enough as it is already.

I’d cuss at you in 4 languages if I could, but that would get me banned, because some of my descriptions of what I think you can do with your current chat system, are detailed and violently graphic.

You broke it. Fix it.

edit Sometimes I can chat for 5 minutes before this issue starts, but any time greater than five minutes and the chat system stops responding and the only ‘fix’ is to log out and back in. I’ve no clue what is causing this, or why. It’s consistent across all my accounts and characters. It happens at all times of day. Sometimes when I am traveling, I have no issues, and other times, a jump from one system to the next disconnects me and starts the disconnect re-connect spam.


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