BRUTAL DELIVERANCE - EU Arm of Unspoken Alliance


Brutal Deliverance is a small relaxed pvp corp primarily from EU / UK TZ. We currently live in 0.0 in Etherium Reach with very few blues, so always plenty of targets around. We are part of the Unspoken Alliance. which operates across all TZ.

We trying to avoid blobbing and place great value on pilot skill and a willingness to fight against the odds.

What we offer:

  • Small gang pvp and larger medium gang alliance operations
  • Experience from a veteran player group
  • 0.0 Sov space
  • Daily content
  • Jump freighter services

What we need:

  • Some pvp experience, ideally small gang but just willingness to learn will do
  • Working MIC

corp KB:
alliance KB :

If your interested either message me, Kelron Renalard, or join the in-game channel Brutal Penthouse, or our discord

Speak to you soon,

bump need more guys for small gang and also for fights like this :

little bump and another example fight :,2130,2135,2133&b=8432531&e=150&t=rf


We are still recruiting!

Still going strong!

did you know your car key travels further than your car?

do they though?

selectively recruiting still

come join today

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