PVP Corp Reloaded and ready for action


(Minx Smasher) #1

Brutal Deliverance is an old corp, there’s not much we have not done in EvE, we’re back and recruiting suitable pilots who enjoy the following:

  • PVP

We do carry out other activities when needed but in the main we’re trying to hopefully kill as much as possible
You must be self sufficient, we welcome applications from new and alpha players. We expect you to be active on comms (discord) when online.

Ultimately we’re looking to rebuild the corp to how it was several years ago, Gang warfare, plenty of kills and isk to go round from loot. You can look up previous kills on zkillboard it at least shows we have a vague idea of what we are doing.

If our very limited; no crap ad interests you please evemail Minx Smasher or join our ingame channel “Brutal Penthouse”

(Minx Smasher) #2

Still recruiting

(Minx Smasher) #3

Still looking for a few good men (or women)

(Minx Smasher) #4

Still looking for pilots playing during GMT ±1 or 2

(Minx Smasher) #5

another bump to the top!

(Minx Smasher) #6

Still looking for fresh meat

(system) #7

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