Looking for 2 or 3 players interested in making Eve Great Again

(Minx Smasher) #1

I’m an old player who keeps coming back to this god forsaken game.

Most recent break has been well over a year, and here we are again back at the beginning again. I’ve never been one for just being a grunt in another corp and being a faceless number… I enjoy trying to make something even if it fails, and without a doubt the best times I’ve enjoyed in this game is when I’ve had my own small corp, with really good people around and playing the game with me. That in a nutshell is what I am searching for, maybe a handful of players who’re interested in PVP but understand the need to make isk to fuel that PVP.

So is anyone out there interested in trying to rebuild my corp with me?


UK or compatible Timezone
Sense of Humour
Active but RL first policy
Love of PVP regardless if solo small gang of blobs
Using Discord

Evemail or convo me if you’d like to consider helping rebuild this corp.

Public Channel: Brutal Penthouse

(Paranoid Monkey) #2

were would u be base out of? And would i have to be a pvp vet?

(Minx Smasher) #3

PVP vet is not required and base can be an open area for discussion. I’m open to most idea, other than no sov nullsec.

Most important is being active social, etc… this is a sandbox mmo after all :slight_smile:

(Dantes Wolf) #4

Hey Minx, I’m game. 99 mill, 6 years of experience, just got back.

I’ll try and write ya in game, see if I can catch you, we’ll talk further. :slight_smile:

Got all skills for CEO, and been leading 4 corps in my history (all decked to death).

Looking forwards to flying with you. :slight_smile:


(Peta Chieve) #6

I’m an aussie, not really in a position to be super hands on with PVP etc. However i’d be happy to help send recruits your way and help with logistics and PR.

I’ve been playing 3 going on 4 years now, grew up in lowsec and have spent about a year in nullsec now. I run a small PVP corp on the side and have White Partyhat as my current pet project. I’ve run 2 corps and was second in charge for an alliance for a brief period of time. I’d be happy to come on board as a second opinion/consultant and just see what happens from there.

I can also help with back end admin stuff, for discord and buybacks etc.

Feel free to join my discord and hit me up if you wanna chat.

(Larkness) #7

hey mate, we are a small industrial pvp alliance and i believe there might be a possible bit of common ground we could discuss and would like to chat with you this weekend if your free either reply here or pm ingame!


(Minx Smasher) #8

Thanks for the replies, I am working rather a large amount of overtime in work this week but will be around on the weekend if anyone wants to chat just write me an evemail ingame and we can arrange something.

(Minx Smasher) #9

bumping up to the top

(Businessman GoatLaoLi) #10

Hello if you are open to business can you stop by my office public channel the goat tavern or mail me for more details …

(Larkness) #11

Sorry I missed chatting to you on the weekend - ended up with no power lol, will try again this weekend!

(system) #12

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