[BSIDO] Hunters wanted

Do you enjoy highsec wars but get bored to tears by the thought of camping Jita 4-4? Do you enjoy actually HUNTING for your enemies?

If so, then Bushido. just might be the place for you.

Bushido. specializes in solo and small gang PVP with a focus on actually looking for actions instead of mindlessly camping stations waiting for the odd stray cruiser to undock. Bushido. recently joined Hell Dawn with their 75+ wars it’s quite the target rich environment.

What differentiates us from everyone else is that burning desire of stalking our prey and not being lazy about how we PVP. It’s the thrill of the hunt, not just the killmails that should get the blood pumping. At least, that’s how we see it. We are US TZ based but are open to folks from all over the world.

We don’t care about your killboard stats, we all play this game for a laugh. We do, however, ask that you have basic PVP skills or a willingness to learn.

Join channel Bushido. ingame for more info or to just hang out!

Still looking!

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