Ive been running some missions and solo pvp’ing / FW and im ready for more.

Im interested in small - mid size gangs, low sec, piracy, and all that comes with it. Would consider null sec depending on the who what where… im not interested in screaming idiots, f1 blobs or people who drop capitals on everything! Im looking to join a small, well organized group of of hunter killers who know wtf theyre doing and have fun doing it! A healthy mix of pve/isk making is also appreciated.

Im currently at 9 mil + sp … Cal frig 5 with all the right skills trained to 4s and 5s and have no issues training into whatever your doctrine specifies.

About me:
USMC veteran, older player (45), east coast US time zone … Im all about strategy & teamwork and get on at least 3-4 nights a week (11pm - downtime /US east)

Hey Grimshot,

Have you considered NOIR.?

We are a mercenary corporation that operates all over New Eden. Our clients hire us to defend citadels, attack critical logistic structures such as Jump Bridges and TCUs, evict wormhole groups, and much more.

We are a relatively small group that makes up for its lack of numbers with superior strategy and tactics.

Feel free to message me here on the EVE forums, join our in-game channel “Cafe NOIR.”, or join our public Discord server and give us a shout.

Happy Hunting o7


Thanks for the response! I get on late tonight, i’ll jump in your public channel and go from there.

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