Buddy invites and rewards from other players

Please use my buddy code. I will help you out how ever I can for as long as you need me tom and if you like, you can even join the corp I’m in to get you started on your journey!

You and I both will receive rewards. You start with 750,000 skill points and I will also give you some free starter ISK (cash)

My in game name is Scarlett ZoSo. Once you use my code listed in this forums post, you can begin to enjoy an easy and fun start! :hugs:

For me it is incredibly annoying to list through almost 400 accepted buddy invitations to get to the most recent one. One need to click several times on ‘expand’ button and start scrolling after each click. I suggest CCP sort invitations so, that most recent are on the top or at least add “expand all” button…

Do you want to try EVE for free?
Use my link: https://www.eveonline.com/signup/?invc=39589e8c-3b22-44e4-a9c1-9dca24d77b95

Link give you extra 750 000 skill points to use as you like. About triples what you get normally.

If you enjoy playing and I’m positively certain you will, when you sign up OMEGA using CCP’s payment methods you can get extra 350 PLEX (market value over 1 billion isk).

Have fun!

Just a side note: there is no such thing like a 30 Day Trial in Eve Online…

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But before that you should look at the available rewards and make a new char via your own links. The rewards are worth it. Even those you get per one account.

Welcome to EVE Online’s recruitment buddy system. CCP has incentivised recruiting new blood for our huge community. I’m here to ensure that you get a decent start and I make gains while helping you. Win win

By using my buddy link, you will receive 750,000 free SP (skill points). Buddy link: https://www.eveonline.com/signup/?invc=5463b7be-c984-4827-b98a-d093c506c053

Understand that each reward is locked behind a purchase, they are not all unlocked at once with one single purchase.

2x24 hour accelerators, which temporarily decrease your train time for skills. Meaning that a skill that may take 24 hours to learn will now take roughly 20 hours. I will give you one of these and help you maximize the use of them.

PLEX, which is an ingame currency that you can purchase with real world money. I will receive 350 PLEX the moment you subscribe to omega clone state via an approved method (please ensure to read the below terms and conditions as set by CCP for clarification). However unlike many of the other offers you will see, I will give you 175 PLEX to help kickstart your EVE career.

A skill extractor, which is a very useful item that allows you to extract SP (skill points) and realocate them as you please. This may not be immediately useful to you, however it does hold decent market value and if you are so inclined you may also want to keep it until such a time as you can or wish to use it.

So to summarize if you accept my buddy link you will get 750k SP, if you then make purchases via valid methods on eve store then you will get half of my rewards (you get to keep the skill extractor). Playing from European timezone

I will also require some form of evidence to confirm your claims to rewards, in the form of a screenshot, so the faster you contact me the faster I can gift you these rewards and please make sure to contact me once you have created the account and then notify me when you make purchases so that I can give you your share as I cannot determine who did what from my end, we need to cross reference info so that I can verify your identity.


Do you want to start your EVE Online experience with extra free 750.000 skill points?

Just click the link:

No obligations, no pressure if you subscribe later or not !

Fly free and do not hesitate to ask me any questions, after many years of continuous game play I do have answers :wink:

Have fun!

Hello, space friends!
If you create a new account using MY LINK you get:

750.000 free skill points redeemable to one character on your account, which equals to about 15 days of training on Omega / 30 days on Alpha.:scream:
In addition I can give you 5 million ISK, after you finish the tutorial, just send me in-game mail with the exact date you registered (the link is in the bottom of this post).

Once you subscribe with Omega, using any valid payment method (Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, WebMoney Transfer, paysafecard, ETC, Nexon, Ukash and iDeal)
I will give you:

350 PLEX - worth ~1400 Million ISK with current price (21.06.2019), I can send it to you in either form, ISK or PLEX.

Payment methods NOT eligible for this offer: Direct Debit, any in-game currency or other game credits, including (but not limited to): PLEX, CD Keys, including CD Keys or CD-Key type Starter Packs purchased or received from non-CCP sources and online stores such as, but not limited to: Amazon Starter Pack and Game Stop.

If you upgrade to omega using in-game PLEX, I will still give you 100mil ISK

After you upgraded to Omega:
To receive your reward you will need to contact me via in-game mail (to this character - ZumZoom, or SiennaG), and inform me of the exact date and time you registered your account using my invitation link. You can find that info HERE.

If you have questions, I will gladly answer them in game (mail, or chat if I’m online).
I speak english and russian.
Fly safe!