Bueno Excellente are recruiting, come join the fun!


We are Bueno Excellente, a null sec PvP and PvE focused corp living in the frozen north.

We are a chilled-out and friendly EU/US based corp and have players that focus on all areas of the null sec life style.

Whether you want to go our out and explore, start your industrial career, or get involved in both small and large scale PvP; we have something to offer you.

Backed by a large alliance we have access to all your ratting, PI and moon goo needs.

All we ask is:

  • You are a chilled self-starter.
  • Not worried about loosing some ships and maybe some sec status.
  • Have 15 mil skill points.
  • Fluent in English
  • Have, discord, mumble and microphone.
  • Omega Account

Full training can be provided for anyone getting to grips with the limitless opportunities available in Eve online.

A full SSO check is required, its nothing sinister so don’t be shy.

Contact Luke Anninan through Eve mail if you would like to discuss further.

o7 – Luke Anninan




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