Bueno Excellente is recruiting

Welcome to the Bueno Excellente recruitment page.

We are an English speaking Null-sec corporation in Fraternity.

Bueno Excellente has its roots in Low Sec Piracy, we have expanded and now roam Null Sec.

We are looking for new people to join our community, you will have an interested in PVP alongside any of the many PVE opportunities available in 0.0.

We are looking for Omega pilots with a minimum of 20 Million skill points that are prepared to train corp and alliance doctrines.

Participation in Alliance and Coalition level fleets is required

We can offer you:
Regular PvP content through the Corp, Alliance and Coalition
PVE: mining, ratting, exploration, manufacturing and others.

You will have access to:

Jump Freighter Services.
Buy back program.
SRP for Alliance ops.
We have lots of helpful people that will let you make BUEE your new home.

Find us on discord : Bueno Excellente

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