Bug Reporting Code of Conduct and Submission Template

Welcome to the bug reporting channel!

To ensure we can address issues effectively and maintain a positive environment, please follow these guidelines when submitting a bug report.

  1. Be Clear and Concise
    Provide a detailed description: Clearly explain the bug, including steps to reproduce it, what you expected to happen, and what actually happened.
    Include relevant information: Mention the game version, platform (PC, console, etc.), and any relevant hardware specifications.

  2. Use the Template (See bottom of post).

  3. Be Respectful and Constructive
    Stay polite: Remember that the development team and other community members are here to help. Use respectful language and tone.
    Avoid duplicate reports: Before submitting, check if the bug has already been reported. If it has, you can add any additional information you have to the existing report.

  4. Follow Up
    Respond to questions: The development team might ask for more details or clarification. Please respond promptly to help resolve the issue.
    Report resolved bugs: If a bug you reported gets fixed, let the team know if you encounter any further issues.

  5. No Off-Topic Discussions
    Stay on topic: Keep discussions focused on bug reporting and troubleshooting. For general discussions, please use the appropriate channels.

  6. Confidentiality
    Do not share personal information: Avoid including any personal or sensitive information in your reports.

  7. Adhere to General Server Rules
    Follow the server’s rules: All general rules of the Discord server apply here as well.
    By following these guidelines, you help us improve the game and ensure a better experience for everyone.

Thank you for your cooperation and valuable contributions!

Happy gaming!

Bug reporting Template
Please use the following template when submitting a bug report:
Bug Description:
[A clear and concise description of the bug.]

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. [Step one]
  2. [Step two]
  3. [And so on]

Expected Result:
[What you expected to happen.]

Actual Result:
[What actually happened.]

Additional Information:
[Any additional information, screenshots, logs, etc.]