Building Better Capsuleers


So many of us appreciate the work you’re all doing in NPE and on the game in general.

Please keep up the good work!! <3

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Shielded from capital drops and other means of interference. Weak.

Shielded from blobs, and easy interference because all you need to do is burn away if you see unfavorable things appear on dscan. Plus, you can even sacrifice a dictor to bubble the gate so that no one can come in until the bubble died. And if that wasn’t easy enough, you don’t even need to risk traveling by gates. You just filament out. Weak.

You are hilarious, you just don’t realize it.


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Bunny land :rabbit: :rabbit: :rabbit2: :rofl:

Where are these battleship brawls you speak of?

I see nothing but T1 frigates, destroyers and cruisers - Many of which are destroyed by NPC’s, so not a “burning mess” or even close to it of “battleship brawls”.

You do, constantly.
Reality is, not everyone is happy to play the same low risk play style as you.

He is not low risk style pilot… And definately not risk averse . I know him.

He is very optimistic, also out of experience i would say… if he see drama, trouble, issue … he takes off and leave…

Im not agree with him on this subject either.

But him , kethen , redidoriad were the pilots i had been very front of…similair traits in those years when i had been just paddling and try to find my feets in pvp… . so please dont assign somethinh on him which does not belong to him…
Seem like he is happy with theme park concept… i have seen some people likes it…

He flies T1 Destroyers - LOW RISK

I certainly wouldn’t call him a risk taker. That would indicate he is risking something of value - Not much risk when you fly T1 destroyers.

Of course he is. CCP provide his low risk content so he never has to move out of his low risk play style.

I mean

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If someone is going to quit the game because they got blown up then EVE is not the game for them.
Simple as.

Pity that is your goto.
I don’t get those who see ganking new players as acceptable.

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And I don’t get people who continuously whine about the game they chose to play being exactly as advertised.
EVE is a game of constant vulnerability. It’s what draws the vast majority of us to it. If you don’t want that, go play something else.
Simple as.

Honestly the game barely resembles the one I chose to play 17 years ago.
Pretty sure you haven’t looked at how Eve is advertised. Being ganked as a new player isn’t mentioned anywhere.
If CCP is serious about building on the currently dwindling player base they need to find a way to actually convey the realities of Eve (after the NPE) to new players.

I think maybe you should lay off the Wine. It’s affecting your ability to understand the English language.

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The reality of EVE is constant vulnerability. HTFU.
Also, reported for personal attacks.

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Hi Sgt, like Cilla Cybin, you draw attention to the alleged practice of the deliberate ganking of new players. She has it as ‘ganking noobs in Ventures’.

I challenge you as I’ve challenged her, to tell me how a ganker may distinguish between a new account/player and a new character.

Some EVE players of quite long-standing show such appallingly poor knowledge of game mechanics and fitting practice that they might as well have signed up yesterday.

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As much as this is a good point, I’d argue it’s moot simply because there is nothing unethical about ganking a new player. EVE is a PvP game, people need to learn that they are vulnerable and how to work around that to manage their risk. If they can’t handle that, EVE is not the game for them.

I agree with you, Jamico.

When I ganked, I paid no attention whatsoever to the status of the target, only to the ‘can I gank it?’ factors. I suppose there may be others with scruples, but I never met them.

You cannot build Better Capsuleers by ignoring the realities of the game they’ve chosen to play.

Sgt Ocker correctly points out that potential new players are not told about ganking, specifically, in the advertising material; I believe this to be a minor oversight, easily corrected where the will exists.

Let them join; let them play; let them explode. Then they can make up their minds…

…and if they leave, the future of EVE is no concern of mine.

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I can agree with that. The problem arises when instead of saying “this isn’t the game for me” when they die and can’t handle it, they instead whine to everyone about how the game needs to change to suit their sensibilities. That’s the part in all of this that I take issue with.

Kinda. The problem isn’t so much “new” players in my view.

It players that have been around for 3, 4, 5 Months and through the way they have played the game haven’t been exposed to eve. Whether that’s through guidance from others or just dumb luck who knows. But when eve finally catches up with them the idea of high sec being safe is so ingrained in them it spawns outrage.

Contrast that with new players who blow up right out of the gate who according to CCP are more likely to stick around.

It’s a problem I can’t see a solution for


The solution I can see is just accepting that EVE is a niche game for a specific group of people that enjoys the consistent risk, and telling people who don’t like that risk that “EVE is not the game for you”.

To address the obvious counter-argument, that this might reduce the size of the playerbase, EVE thrived back when it was far riskier than it is currently, and making the game safer and easier has only caused it to wither. If anything, a lot of the changes that have made the game safer and easier have actually made the problem worse, by extending that period of false security that you pointed out.

We need more new players getting blown up, and the response to their complaints needs to be “this is EVE, love it or leave it”. Really double down on what EVE is and why people enjoy it. The majority of people for whom this game is not their game will just not play it, and the minority of people for whom this game is the perfect game will continue to play and enjoy it, as we have seen in the past.

Nothing wrong with a niche game catering to niche interests, and the list of properties that have tried to cater to the mythical “wider audience” and died horribly from doing so is too long to list here.


I don’t get those who think new players shouldn’t play eve but rather should just play a game that looks like eve.

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except they are, several of the trailers start out with x getting ganked and that being the catalyst for some “great story”

The marketing not only displays ganking but spins it as a corner stone to player driven stories.

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