How CCP could keep new players longer

  1. starting zones needs to be a single region that are within the range of all 4 empires made up from 12-25 starting systems
  2. As long as you are in these starting zone regions, the mechanic to attack other players will be disabled
  3. there needs to be 1 low sec system per starting zone empire you can travel to to try and test out as a new player that only alpha players can access
  4. you can only mine in a starting system up to a venture, the mechanic for mining barges and exhumers will be disabled
  5. in career agent missions in starting zones, NPCs won’t blow up your ship, instead it will deplete your HP of your ship to 99% then you’ll be informed your mission has failed, and the NPCs in space will disappear along with the wrecks
  6. asteroids in starting systems never depletes, but they can explode if more than 2 ships is mining it at the same time over time
  7. NPC stations in starting zones is tax free to sell and buy things, but sell orders is limited to a fixed price to npc buy orders as to not affect player to player economy market, this is limited to both alpha and omega players
  8. you can only sell items you have looted within starting systems or is within the skilling limitations to use as a alpha
  9. any and all public chat rules will be the same as gamewide ToS rulings (recruiting, spam, harassment)
  10. Alphas should be allowed to join any corp and omegas can send private messages as to give new players a feel of the community at a personal level to let them decide if this is the community they want to run with once they move forward beyond the new player phase

“Stop being a sandbox!”



it would still be a sandbox…

wtf is this???

I thought this was EvE Online forums not a place for xbox console games…



Survey says, hell to the quafe no.

What we got could be improved but as Switch says, not like this :smiley:

Instead the nubs need to be taught to keep themselves alive in a universe that wants them dead.


you didn’t read the whole thing did you? i said there would be a low sec system only accessible by other alphas, meaning, a titan couldn’t one shot noobs being curious about low sec

Best way to keep them would be to wait until they have worked very hard and have accumulated 2 or 3 weeks worth of loot, and then GANK the “s” out of them as they go to sell it in their cheap T1 hauler.


I did read the whole thing. Wut. Ain’t no titans in low sec bro.

You want the nubs to see big cool ships and die screaming to them. It will inspire them to train into them :smiley:

I remember dying to the first mega I saw and thinking damn, I want that smexy bad boy.

It is. Because the main lesson they should learn is never to haul that way again :smiley:


new players are boring
i mean if they want to stay … I’m ok with that
but if they want to leave


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OP this is how the New Player experience used to go:

  1. Start Eve in an NPC Corporation
  2. Get friendly fired upon by someone else in the NPC Corporation
  3. Figure out how to avoid this and apply to a player high sec corporation
  4. Join the first high sec corporation willing to take you by the crazy guy in local
  5. The corporation gets wardec’d
  6. Find out the corporation sucks and can’t fight back and is generally incompetent
  7. Jump ship, go shopping around for a better corporation
  8. Apply to join the people doing the wardecs on a whim, they see you’re eager and take you on
  9. Learn how to PvP from a group of people competent and knowledgeable
  10. Congrats: you never had to leave high sec and are now knowledgeable about the game with a group of friends

I purposefully had to draw it out to make it take 10 steps: as many steps as yours. But really there just is one thing that needs changing:

  1. Fix Wardecs

war decks are fixed, no wardecks until you anchor a structure

you are too corporative

IMO they should get a basic controls and how to move around tutorial , waypoints etc
them they receive a large text alert on the screen saying EVE is a player made game, all ships and items are build by players , the game allow ganking , scamming etc

them the tutorial tell them to set destination to the nearest trade hub

them they receive 20 million and aura say “thats on us ,byyyyyyeeee”

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If you really think ganking is good for new player retention, you haven’t been paying attention.

Of course it is.

How else they gonna learn?


you have anger issues that needs sorted out Gix Firebrand

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Citation needed since I’m not even angry ROFL.

You are simply not preparing the nubs to actually thrive in EVE.

It just sounds like you want a game that isn’t EVE, which is fine. Just play that game :smiley:


Once you unlock a ship by buying it off the market, you should be able to respawn the hull in any station by redeeming plex.

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uhh… wut

actually where do you think titans can go

Terrible idea. The existing system that has the newbie systems in a little HS pocket somewhat outside of the main hubs is already the best solution, and it is what is there now. The Universe of Eve is big, and having newbies from different races have to travel a ways to visit the starting area of each other is a good thing – if they can’t spend 30 mins to get to each other, they probably don’t have an attention span sufficient enough to enjoy the majority of Eve’s gameplay.

Duels and such are fine. Ganking newbies in starting systems, as well as scamming them, is already severely punished. While I agree that CCP isn’t active enough in punishing the folks who break those rules (and usually require other players to manually report them and harp on it until a GM is available…), the systems in place are good enough.

This is a stupid idea that breaks existing mechanics and tramples on existing lore. They can warp 6 jumps to lowsec in a frigate if they want that, or join into a pvp filament – frigate and destroyer pvp ones are the most common, after all. if the newbie’s aren’t willing to put in the effort to find PK in the same way as any other player would, it sends them a bad message and they probably wouldn’t stick around too long if their attention span was short enough to need this.

The career agents have a deadspare area for mining – that should be the only mining possible in those systems. Newbie systems should be for newbies, with an incentive to push them out into the world. Creating a safe zone for ventures to mine/bot AFK in a way that cannot be punished via catalyst is wrong and should never happen. If they want to mine afk, they will pay the price and learn…which is generally a surpising and exciting moment for a newbie (you may be surprised, many suicide gankers will give newbies 1 mil or so isk after chatting with them for a bit and realizing that they are, in fact, actual newbies)

Why? Losing your ship and getting a loss mail is part of Eve, and it’s important that newbies learn how this works and how to view them. it also teaches the importance of insurance on pvp ships, and several other good habits that a newbie aspiring to flying ships in eve really ought to know and be familiar with.

Stupid idea. All rocks will be 100% explode due to how stupid most HS miners are. The newbie system should have NO asteroids other than those spawned in deadspace areas for newbies doing those career missions. This should not be extended to allow non-newbies to unfairly leech off the newbie protection measures in place.

Stupid idea. Regional Markets, and the importance of learning what a trade hub is and where the regional trade centers are key skills that a newbie needs to learn. Give the aspiring industrialists a reason to travel to and stock the newbie systems with equipment and they will. Systems are already in place to get this worked out.

If my alpha character kills a frigate with a cloak, and the cloak drops, I am entitled to ALL of the loot that he dropped, not just the “alpha usable only” pieces. This is a stupid idea.

No. Griefing legitimate new players, to include scamming them, is a unique situation where the general eve rules are bent in favor of the newbie. This is the one and only exception, and it should not be removed.

Hell no. If I make a corp and want omegas only, then I should be allowed to have that corp. If I want a corp that is “no newbies allowed”, then I SHOULD BE ABLE TO MAKE THAT CORP. Why the hell should a newbie have the option of joining my corp when I don’t want them to? This is the stupidest idea on here, and is incredibly open to abuse.