How CCP could keep new players longer

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I know

Dunno how I feel about this one. it might be nice to ensure you can group up with your buddies within a few jumps without having to start as a certain race.

No. If someone is ganking new players in starter systems, report them for rookie griefing.

But isn’t all the pvp disabled? What would be the point of lowsec? And why is it limited only to alpha players?

This would be reasonable if this tripe was getting added. Which it isn’t.

For specifically the career agents I don’t have a real problem with this. If you fail a career agent mission you must really suck and don’t need the kick in the balls.

So basically infinite ore and I can’t shoot you? Sounds like a botter’s paradise.

Or you could have the new player interact with the player market, which they’ll need to understand for the real game. Also you don’t seem to understand what a “sell order” is.

Wait, or? You telling me I can build a bunch of modules that are alpha-usable and dump them on NPCs for guaranteed isk? Congratulations, you just put a price floor on most modules and by extent most minerals.

Already exists.

Already exists.

See you even admit to knowing exactly how they are broken

Pssssttt It’s true Titans are terrible, Use a Super xD

No, for all the reasons you’re already anticipating but also because of the damage this would do to the economy and how it could be exploited by throw-away alphas to move goods to and from trade hubs without risk.

Basically new players don’t benefit from this, wealthy players would.

Nope. CCP have actually done studies on whether ship loss to PvP action drives away new players in the past and it does not (at least not in any statistically significant sense). Some new players may seek to avoid PvP but other new players come to the game specifically for PvP. Removing PvP for new players stifles gameplay and misrepresents the game to those new players.

New players and alpha characters are not the same thing. This doesn’t benefit new players. What you’re actually doing here is setting up new players to get ganked in gate camps by experienced players’ cheap alpha alts. Maybe don’t invite the fish into the barrel if you want to improve their experience.

This is actually already a thing. It’s been CCP policy to consider established players mining the belts in 1.0 starter systems to be griefing for as long as I can remember (as is ganking those players).

OK but only if that ore is worth nothing and is used for nothing.

New players need an environment where they can learn to play the game (including having to deal with competition for ores. Someone beating you to a belt of a mining anomaly is legitimate PvP gameplay that every single miner has to deal with, low-key as that may be.

Absolutely nobody at all, including a 2 minute old character, needs or benefits from an infinite ore machine.

Nope. This benefits nobody. Losing ships is the cost of failure and removing that doesn’t help new players at all.

Nope. This isn’t how a free market works and doesn’t benefit anyone.
Also a fixed price basically IS A TAX - or technically an opportunity cost, and a great way to screw over the newbies.

The items in the system you’ve designed work against the economy and are basically being given out for free, so to balance this you’d have to limit them to civilian modules, which are pointless.

And once again alpha is not the same as newbro.

Again, an alpha is not a new player and alphas can join corps unless the players in that corp have decided not to admit alphas.

You’ve made some bad assumptions. Primarily that a new player is automatically going to be an alpha character and that an alpha character is going to be a new player. These things are just not true. You’ve also failed to account for how your system could be exploited because of this assumption and you’ve failed to take into account how this special area of space will interact with the rest of the Eve universe. You’ve not considered the way that the magical, infinite no-risk supply you’re promoting is going to devalue the time of the broader playerbase and impact the markets.

Basically, you don’t understand the game well enough to be making these kinds of suggestions.

Or you’re trolling.

This isn’t really a concern. A titan can’t doomsday in Lowsec and it can’t lock or track a newbiw ship for ■■■■.


Back after quite a while and still nothing’s changed lol

Also, nope.


This must be a troll thread. “Don’t let newbros join a corp”. Like… yea. Eve is a great single player game…

Your OP basically boils down to “keep new players by showing them a game that isn’t EVE”. And it wouldn’t even work, at that.

New players aren’t leaving because they get ganked, or an NPC blows them up. And if they do, they aren’t the kind of players that would stay anyway. “EVE is safe and full of infinite resources” would only set them up for a crashing disappointment as soon as they exited starter zones.

One big starter region might be interesting, but it’s unlikely CCP would implement it. (Of course, it’s unlikely CCP will implement anything useful or interesting so that goes without saying, really.)

EVE loses most truly new players in the first 3 hours, long before they’ve ever been ganked or blown up by NPCs. The real issue is starting EVE is clumsy and slow, and beyond the AIR intro videos, fairly boring. It doesn’t really convey the potential long-term interests of EVE.

CCP would be better off warning new players they were about to head out into a dangerous and threatening environment, one where drones and pirates and mercenaries would eat them alive if they weren’t careful. And then give them some missions and scenarios showing them how and where they might be attacked and what to do about it.

They’d lose all the players who wouldn’t stick anyway, and keep some of the more adventurous ones who would otherwise quit from boredom. And it would work better than wrapping them in candy floss and removing all the sharp corners in the room and pretending that was EVE.


Amen. It’s an elaborate bait and switch which will ultimately damage player retention.

If you want to retain new players you don’t train them to expect complete safety only to pull the rug out from under them.

Underrated post, and this is the most important part.

I loved it when CCP announced working on the NPE and it’s better than it was, but I can’t escape the feeling that it’s a missed opportunity and should have been done way differently Combining both the tutorial and the career agent stuff into one “simulated clone space” where people can look at different ship types/sizes/roles, take part in actually different scenarios. And then be able to return to that simulated space to try out new things, just dock up at your nearest AIR station and “plug in”: open to everyone, at all times.

You want to entice a new Minmatar pilot to keep playing? Don’t have him pewpew small stuff in his shitty gatling Reaper but put him at the helm of a 1400 Mealstrom and clap some fools in a simulated (orchestrated but not on rails) fight. Have them mine their own minerals to then build their own barge and mining lasers to then go use them (accelerated ofc). Have them do a fast courier gig in an intie, give a miner control over an Orca, Abaddons with mega pulses, put them in a raven with 200km Cruises and blow ■■■■ up, Magathron with neutrons, give them the option to do a bombing run in a stealth bomber with cloaking and all (in fact, I firmly believe that if you even SHOW newbies the whole cloaking thing you’d get SO much more people to hang around).


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Turn Uedama into a SafeZone? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

New players need to experience PvP early to build proper expectations. The goal isn’t to simply keep them through the tutorial, rather for years. Otherwise it’s a moot point.

What about the new players that sub? Not to mention if there was any content to be had it’d be overrun with alts wanting in on the fun. Also, again, setting improper expectations


noob don’t know how to PvP?
no problem
put 2 noobs to fight eachother
noob thunderdome

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war decs were never broken

Pretty much agree. The answer isn’t to remove PvP from high sec but CCP have spent a long time protecting the egos of a particular breed of sociopathic player that talk a big hardcore PvP game but only ever undock to punch down.

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Citation needed LOL.

Citation needed ROFL.

You realize in the past you’ve also said ganking isn’t a huge problem right? And with the recent nerf even less so.

Huh. That’s a neat unfounded sight unseen medical diagnosis you got there :smiley:

said the guy that lost a half a billion heavy interdictor to a jackdaw and killed a destroyer using a multi billion pimped Leshak :thinking:

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