Proposal for new game mechanics for CCP

Proposal for new game mechanics for CCP

I, along with a tight group of friends have been playing EVE for quite a lot of time. We have seen almost all of the game expansions and updates being rolled out, game mechanics changed and rehashed. We always adapted and stayed our course. But one major problem EVE has always had is new player retention. And this problem grew in the past few years with the rise in highsec ganking, thieving and grieving.
So we decided to propose a set of game mechanics changes that would resolve most of these problems and help with new player retention. These changes are:

  • Make it so that new players can’t be fired upon in highsec for a set amount of time. This time could be 6 months or a year for example. This invulnerability is retracted if the new player fires on any other player in any form, this is to ensure against gank farms.
  • Make it so that new players piloting mining ships somehow have huge mass, so they can’t be bumped. You can make an implant available only for new players that does this and the implant naturally expires when the player reaches 6 months or a year.
  • Make it so that other players cannot steal from the ejected cargo containers of new players. New players can still abandon their cargo containers and corp members and feet members can still open the cargo containers. This is to protect against thieving.

This is a rough list and we don’t think it would take a lot of code changes and developer time to implement and they would surely help the new players get a grip in the game and become involved in it.

Somehow, I do not think that’s what either the PvPers or CCP want. I seriously doubt your proposal will be taken seriously if it’s even read by anyone other than Mike and forum Moderators. I imagine the CCP guys sharing a good laugh over this proposal with a cigar and a glass of wine.


More dumb artificial nanny protection.


Teaching new players how to defend themselves in a harsh universe.

So the latter basically, everyone will agree here.

It saves on needless devtime that could be spent elsewhere, and it saves the game from becoming an even more bloated themepark full of entitled kids.


I, along with a tight group of friends have been playing EVE for quite a lot of time.

I doubt that, extremely.


Nope. I can oppose the idea on the grounds of your motivation. There’s no real need to go into the substance because there is none, at least nothing new that hasn’t been said and repeated a hundred times already, and nothing that doesn’t make you personally gain a benefit for your play style. If you had any sincerity in your proposal you would have left out the third bullet, and linked the other two bullets to a skill point level (which would have to be low, of course).

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Most new players won’t go past the 5 mil sp limit, either because they don’t wanna plex, or don’t wanna buy injectors. That’s on them.

Your proposals have been made multiple times by others over the years see ganking thread

CCP has stated that everything you call “bad” and reducing player numbers, doesn’t coincide with their numbers. If anything you and your ilk need to stay away from new players.

New players between 0-30 days old are protected from being grieved.


why and how would insulating new players from actually playing the game help them become involved in the game they are not playing ? and when they actually start playing the real game they will rage quit even harder as you have given them completely wrong expectations of the game.


If OP wants to be safe from PvP, he should be safe from ALL forms of PvP. He shouldn’t be able to pick and choose which forms of PvP he’ll reap benefits from without any of the risks.

No access to Markets outside of NPC buy and sell orders.
No access to Contracts
No access to player structures, no tether.
No chat, no messages, no evemails.
Let’s go all the way, no forums either.


The #1 thing that matters is finding a good corp for newbies.

To this day I recall a memorable moment from a decade ago when I was jetcan mining in an Osprey/Navitas/whatever (as it was cool at the time) and had my ore stolen. Corpmates came out in droves to bump the offender away, and also took the time to explain to me the suspect game mechanics that were going on and how baiting works.

It happened very early for me – we’re talking day 2 or 3 of playing – which really did help me understand quickly what kind of game I was getting into. You’re proposing delaying these teachable moments, which in my mind is actually a disservice to new players, promising a kind of world that does not exist, and assuming that they will use the “protective period” in the meantime to listen and learn how it will actually be. The best way to learn is the qualia of actually being in it.


I propose we change the EULA so anyone who ganks, grievers, lies, cheats, or bumps in Highsec is guilty of a federal crime and sentenced to thirty years hard labour.


Not played in a long time so don’t know if it is any different but the only thing I think should be protected for new players is PLEX - I’ve lost count how many times I’ve told new players to never undock with PLEX in their cargo and yet they still do it…!!!>!>! still get ganked then quit the game.

Even then I wouldn’t be for that if there was some viable way to get back at someone who did gank someone. It was often only after I told people there was little to nothing I could do to help them get revenge that they quit.

I think it would make it more interesting though if to be able to gank, etc. in highsec then you’d have to have some kind of commitment i.e. a structure anchored in high sec space somewhere which the dropped modules from would automatically go to and stay for a certain amount of time before you could take them so it would be less of a one way street.

For the record done a fair bit of high sec ganking myself and on my main characters not disposable alts.

Well, I guess I will be rolling new hauling accounts every 6 months :wink:


No, EVE doesn’t need a bunnyland where you can make isk risk free. If you want to be invincible for a year, then you can’t make any isk, mine any minerals or PI, cant manufacture anything, etc. The better way is to teach new players how to play the game and what it really about. Accept death, fly what you can afford to lose, fit for the job, etc. Giving someone bunny land for a year just lets them experience a worse loss in a year rather than learning cheap at the start.

Not to mention that it would make recruiting by shooting a whole lot harder, dramatically reduce content for wolves (the average player age is probably only 2 or 3 years old), and make it a lot harder for players to get into HS PvP and scumbagery. Let me put it this way, my first gank target wasn’t an orca or a paladin- it was a venture.

But those are probably all good things in OP’s book.
No P2W


Stop saying post when you mean thread.

And please stay on topic.

Dont you agree miner’s should be able to use mining lasers to shoot things with?

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Moved to PF&I removed offtopic postings.

Very least it seems like this siege lock should only work during activation of a mining laser. Unmoveable mass manipulation on crowded undocks, tethers, and wormholes seems rife for shenanigans by smurf accounts.

I still wonder if a cluster of unbumpable mining ships on an ore belt could still ‘cage in’ another barge or if the ensnared ship would pinball bounce/phase through before the auto warp timer kicks in.

Well, I know that I’m coloring outside the lines whit that comment but:
I found quite amusing that after off topic was removed most of OP’s posts are gone.

Looking for the thread now, seems like all the criticism was not even acknowledge by the OP. Astonishingly, that is a better light for the OP than what we had before.

Malcanis Law comes straight to mind.

Since injectors are so easty to use on new characters, vets would inject their risk free miners and then blot out the sky in the ice fields and belts.

New players won’t stand a chance and not only won’t this change anything for new players in terms of competition against vets, even more experienced players who are generally casual, won’t stand a chance either.

Miners crying about miners would be fun though.