Idea For New Player Retention - Trial Period

I will preface this with the fact that I am a new player, started less than 2 weeks ago. Also, I searched relevant articles to this idea and didn’t see a duplicate, so I apologize if I missed this idea if it was already presented.

I think offering new players the ability to select a 2 week trial period where they are protected from unwanted PvP attacks could help by allowing them to safely traverse different regions of space, and get to areas with better markets without having to worry about being easy targets for veterans.

Rules could be implemented to ensure that this trial period was used for it’s intended purposes, for instance:

  • Trial period ends if you engage another player in battle
  • Trial period ends if you start mining in low-sec
  • Trial period ends if you join a player corp
  • …and so on

This would give new players the ability to not only travel to different places and see the unbelievable landscape they are playing in, but also allow them the opportunity to see battles happening to better understand the climate of the game.

I read up on the game before starting to play, and so I was prepared to get ambushed by veteran players when going through choke points…but not every player is going to do that, and if I hadn’t I would definitely have dropped the game after losing my first ship.

Thanks for listening, enjoy!

you mean like the new start packs?

You can now get four brand new Packs for EVE Online, giving fresh Capsuleers a chance to make an immediate impact in New Eden. The packs contain items such as Omega, PLEX, Skill Points and excellent SKINs, so there’s plenty of appeal for more experienced players, too.

Ranging from the Bronze Pack which starts at $9.99 to the Platinum Pack, you can get between 30 to 90 days of Omega, up to 1500 PLEX and a range of different SKINs depending on which pack you go for.

new starter packs

No. they mean like 2 weeks of free scouting through gate camps.

Welcome! Those first days are indeed brutal. Chances are low of a newbie getting ganked if they stay in highsec with safety green, the new player experience could be much better at explaining risks (like system security level, fit and cargo value, wardecs) and risk mitigation (like using the route planner to prefer higher sec, not carrying all your assets in one trip, and joining war-immune corps, respectively.)

The biggest flaw I see with the invulnerability flag is that it would enable risk free scouting.

I am sure this could be exploited by current players, without a doubt. Maybe to mitigate that you could be limited to areas within x amount of jumps from where you first spawned, assuming that you randomly spawn within the empire of the race you selected.

New players do definitely need better instructions on how to stay safe, the majority of the material I found online that advised me to the current conditions in EVE weren’t even published by CCP, but other players writing guides and such.

No. You are giving new players a horrible impression of what the game is. All this would do is create more cowards like you who cry to ccp to avoid getting attacked since that’s what they are used to during their trial period.

Not to mention the abuse this would create with veterans using new trial accounts in order to transport extremely high value goods like officer modules and faction capital blueprints in perfect safety.


RE: Scoots Choco
This here is exactly why almost 90% of new players don’t play for more than 7 days before they quit. This is one of the most complicated games for new people to understand and get good at, all I was suggesting was to give them a buffer to actually learn the game. I appreciate your assumptions and conjecture - all wrong of course, but still entertaining. Nice work.

Guess what we have real stats and yours are ■■■■■■■■.

And what would a new player learn exactly by flying through a warp bubble like it wasn’t there?

Any player who is going to quit because they lost a ship is not going to make it in EVE no matter how much we hold their hand.


RE: Salt Foambreaker
“Guess what we have real stats and yours are ■■■■■■■■.”
Sure, everyone knows that new players leave EVE Online in droves. Are you really trying to argue that they don’t?

“Any player who is going to quit because they lost a ship is not going to make it in EVE no matter how much we hold their hand.”
Nobody said anything about holding hands… It is a new player benefit that I suggested for no other reason than to allow someone to build skills before they’re targeted. Maybe my idea has too many loopholes that seasoned players could exploit…that says something about those seasoned players

No, but most games have a poor retention rate. No matter what you’re going to get a lot of players who sign up, realize they aren’t interested after all, and quit. You haven’t done anything to establish that encountering PvP in a PvP game is a major factor here, or that these people would stay if they had a temporary immunity period rather than quitting two weeks later when they encounter PvP.

It is a new player benefit that I suggested for no other reason than to allow someone to build skills before they’re targeted.

You aren’t learning anything of value. In fact, you’re probably learning things of negative value because you can rely on your PvP immunity to negate any danger and believe that certain situations are safe when they really aren’t.

The reality here is that true newbies aren’t a target anyway. The tutorial systems have explicit “no attacking newbies” rules, most newbies don’t leave highsec, and only RMTers are going to have enough assets to be worth targeting. Hardly anyone bothers suicide ganking some random newbie in a T1 fitted T1 frigate, and if they do it’s almost certainly an accident. Making them 100% immune to PvP does little to help the genuine newbies and is almost entirely a benefit to veteran players abusing the mechanic.

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First thing that came to mind after reading

No. they mean like 2 weeks of free scouting through gate camps.

Was why the hell is a 1-2 week old noobe doing flying into lowsec, nullsec or a wormhole?

After two weeks most noobes can just handle level one security missions without dieing.

Only reason a noobe that fresh would ve heading out there is because some nullsec or lowsec recruiter told them to fly to a certain station, or the character is s skill injected freighter with no core skills good enough to do a lowsec run.

If this was the whole goal of this topic its a troll in the worse possible way.

Noobes should be leaving highsec till they have the skills (player and character) to survive lvl4 mission solo and basic lowsec rats.

Why are there so many new players that think their brilliant idea of reducing/eliminating PvP in Eve has never been brought up before?


RE: Merin Ryskin

“No, but most games have a poor retention rate.”

Yes, sure…maybe, but CCP is doing what? 80% of their dev funding is going towards making the game more accessible to new players? Obviously, the old guard isn’t the only thing that makes the game profitable.

“The reality here is that true newbies aren’t a target anyway”

Okay, then giving n00bs a 2 week (or any length) safe run shouldn’t be an issue…but apparently it is. I don’t give a **** if someone takes me out, or any newbie out…especially if they are venturing into lowsec. The ONLY reason I opined that this should even be a thing is that it makes the game more accessible to players who may take a little longer to understand the curve required to be successful at the game.

Your problem can be solved with a suggestion by using the starting SP and the refer-a-friend bonus to inject them into skills they need.

Your problem is NOT properly addressed by simply making them invulnerable to attack.

You’re providing a weak justification for your solution based on a mistaken understanding of a problem that can already be solved easily.

You do understand the difference between “almost all games have a low retention rate” and “CCP shouldn’t try to get new customers”, right?

Okay, then giving n00bs a 2 week (or any length) safe run shouldn’t be an issue…

You’re missing the point. Let me repeat it again for you:

  1. Giving newbies a “safe run” gives them a misleading idea of the game and teaches them bad habits.

  2. Any mechanic to allow newbies PvP immunity will be abused by veteran players for unkillable scouts/haulers/etc.

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RE: Xeux

Believe me, I am not advocating for reducing or eliminating PvP… All I am suggesting is giving new players the option to explore the universe for a bit before being eliminated. Such a simple concept seems so hard for veteran players to grasp… I don’t really care one way or the other, but if you want new players to stick around, should try something?? Right?

You want to learn chess. You propose that you play the first few games while your opponent cannot take any of your pieces - so that you can get used to the game in a non-threatening way. What you are proposing is THAT stupid. Not only that, but people come on these forums to propose similar ideas all the time. We start out by being polite, but the ignorant newcomer just keeps insisting that the way to fix Eve is to make it into some dumb farming game.

No, you are suggesting that you let them explore a fake pseudo-EVE and learn the wrong things, and for veteran players to be able to create invulnerable scouts/haulers/etc at will.

I don’t really care one way or the other, but if you want new players to stick around, should try something?

There are a great many ideas that could be tried, but yours still sucks. And if you don’t care one way or the other why do you keep posting to defend it?

Do they not have the option to do so already?
Can you give us statistics or numbers that show how many new players are actually impacted by involuntary pvp?

RE: Xeux

Chess is an established game with centuries of history…not even a close comparison. I offered a suggestion, nothing more… Disagree, that’s fine, your prerogative… Offering new players a chance to explore the universe was nothing more than giving them an opportunity to see the in-depth world that CCP has created.