Building Better Capsuleers

If CCP really wants to build better capsuleers, can we please have this:

Hard disagree. Several times I’ve brought in real life friends to try Eve, and all the reasons they attritioned out were completely unrelated to high sec safety: poor UI, specifically how to go about fitting a ship and the multiple UIs and magical right clicking and the overwhelming simulation window, once given a ship how to know “what to do”, unclear goals, relative slow pacing of gameplay, basically all friction at “expressing themselves” in game and knowing how to apply their agency within it. Putting together the whole “What do I want to do? Why do I want to do it? How do I do it? How can I get equipped? Where do I go? Now how do I execute it? Now that I’ve done it, how can I get paid?” package up front is simply overwhelming. Most would rather play something else.

If on top of all that if CCP promised them a 30-day grace period, the questions I would have answered would have been formulated as “so after my 30-day period, what about X?” instead of the simple questions “what about X?”. While they stuck with the game, they got to actually live and breathe the danger of ganking in hi sec, and I think one friend I actually took our crap frigates through a gate being actively camped, and point and say “see, you’re literally not worth them hitting you right now, you live another day”.

Giving them a protection window would have instead given them the seed of doubt of would I have been ganked and was I safe enough and totally eliminates the qualia of having experienced a learning moment, and counterintuitively may actually harm the development of the player. Now there’s an artificial deadline for them to decide to drop the game.

Ganking ventures and T1 frigates of newbros is repugnant but you have done nothing to show how your proposed solution would actually help build better capsuleers.

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Why does CCP advertising show massive battles involving thousands of players instead of a Venture or T1 frigate getting ganked?
How does the average new guy find out about the risks of getting ganked and losing the Venture he just spent 3 days earning isk to get?

CCP has started a thing called Eve Academy, I think that could be used as a platform to show new players the realities of Eve game play - Both good and bad.
Right now the NPE doesn’t give new players much of an introduction on how Eve works. If CCP is serious about growing the game they need to give new players an insight into how the game works.

Yes CCP in the past has said those who get killed early on stay longer - At that time Eve was a very niche game that ONLY appealed to a certain type of gamer. CCP is obviously trying to break out of that “niche”, so how do they do that.
If you’re losing more new players in the first 30 days than you retain - Something isn’t working.

What “core game design” are you referring to?
Last I looked, ganking wasn’t part of core game design - It is something players introduced -Just like mega alliances were never a part of “core game design”, they were player built.

As I said, shooting rookies in starter systems was a thing not long ago - Now it isn’t

The idea of constant vulnerability, as I have said repeatedly, is a core part of the game’s design. Ganking is an extension of that. And it’s idiotic and facile to argue that ganking isn’t a part of the core game design when it’s a core part of CCP’s marketing material for the game.

Again, they are and CCP uses them as a central feature of the game when advertising it to new players.

You have repeatedly demonstrated you do not know how the game works. Your suggestions are ludicrous. Stop. You are only embarrassing yourself.

Why then are rookie systems off limits to gankers and the like?
I wonder if it could be down to CCP working out “constant vulnerability” for new players is not the best way to go.

Oh please, show me ONE CCP advertisement that uses ganking as marketing material.

No they aren’t a core design of the game, CCP “allowed” players to build them and yes they use them as a marketing tool because if CCP only used what they built into the game for marketing, the game would have been doomed years ago.

CCP’s next ad campain - Rookie in T1 hauler jumps through gate and gets blapped by 20 gankers.
How many new rercuits you think that would get?
As a new player you can go mining in your free rookie ship for 4 or 5 days until you have enough isk and train the skills to buy a Venture (specialised mining vessel). Beware though, there are gankers out there who will hunt you down in your defenceless new mining ship and kill you, just for the fun of it.

  • Now that should get them lining up to play, don’t you think?

Or, lets try
Eve Online headlines
We had a massive battle today involving 6,000 players in a single system. A system that due to technical limitations can only handle a few hundred players at once before we have to impose server side lag (TIDI). Thanks to TIDI we are able to host these types of fights, where a 1 hour fight can take up to 4 or 5 hours to end. Some of these massive fights have gone on for 22 or more hours, etc etc etc.
That one should get the newbs excited, yeah?

Don’t try to tell me I don’t know how things work, I’ve been around going on 18 years. I’ve played Eve since it was a much better, harsher, demanding game than the theme park it is turning into

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Rookie systems and 30 days of invulnerability are not the same thing and you know it.

And yet for some reason you want to accelerate that change.

I’m done arguing with you, you’re clearly never going to see sense and you’re going to remain as obstinate as you are disingenuous. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope CCP never has any idea so foolish as to listen to yours.

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Among many other things, when will CCP finally return the UI feature in the skill window that shows you at a glance how far your unallocated skill points will reach? And related to that the skill time bars that are now only visible when you hover over the time line at the very bottom.


EvE players/humans are on a spectrum. You do not speak for me. This is your own opinion. You do EvE the way you like it and “carve it out”. You have the option to not do NPE as you are a veteran player.

EvE provided a sandbox with limited rules. Some people require NPE to get started. You don’t speak for them. And you obviously don’t understand them.

Just continue with your VPE, veteran player experience and your Amstrad.

When opinions are perceived as threats, we get posts like yours ? Ad hominem ? Really ?! Teary Player Experience ?

Btw, EvE was far more successful before anyone even thought of the term NPE. Ask yourself, why. Here’s a hint: a few crucial things have gone missing, and they’re not being replaced by this new effort.

Unlike you I don’t seem to be taking my own opinion too seriously either.

One thing this game excels in is Building Bitter Capsuleers, it seems.


…and what about a proper way to manage attribute remapping without using 3rd party tools?

…drag and drop skill lists into to personal skill plans?

Later on we want to have enough content in this system that we can have them investigating game systems for weeks just based on Opportunities.

I would love to learn what happened to this plan. CCP took up Opportunities like a hot cake, dropped it like a hot potato and now takes them again up like a hot cake. How long until they drop it again like a hot potato? Or will they have more substance to their “plan” this time?