Bulk Suppliers Mailing List

Greetings, Eve Online capsuleers!

Are you a trader with an eye for profit? Or a producer seeking the perfect market for your creations? Your search ends here! Allow us to introduce the Bulk Suppliers mailing list, your ultimate in-game platform for connecting producers and traders, all working together for mutual success.

What’s Bulk Suppliers All About? More than just a mailing list, Bulk Suppliers is a vibrant community by and for traders and producers. Regardless of whether you traffic in minerals, tech, or rare relics, this is your chance to leave a mark on the vast tapestry of Eve. Our mission is simple: to foster a dynamic environment where supply seamlessly meets demand.

For Producers: Placing an advert on Bulk Suppliers is a breeze. Just follow this structure:

Subject: [WTS] - Item x Quantity Body:

  • Clearly detail the available quantity.
  • Highlight any minimum purchase requirements.
  • Tempt potential buyers with bulk order discounts.
  • Share your location.
  • Don’t forget to include a link to appraisal for a comprehensive insights.

Upon completing a transaction, be sure to update your original post to let others know the listing is no longer available. Your diligence ensures the gears of our trading hub keep turning smoothly.

For Traders: Your role is equally pivotal! To maintain a spam-free and engaging atmosphere, we kindly ask that you post no more than once every week. Employ this template:

Subject: [WTB] - Item x Quantity Body:

  • State your desired quantity clearly.
  • Specify the price per item you’re willing to pay.
  • Share your location to facilitate swift deals.

Join the Bulk Suppliers Community Today! Ready to dive into the world of bustling trade? Simply become part of the in-game mailing list “Bulk Suppliers.” Here’s how:

  1. Open your in-game mail.
  2. Click “Add Mailing List” in the bottom left and type “Bulk Suppliers”.
  3. Hit join, and congratulations, you’re in on the action!

If you’re an experienced trader or a budding producer, Bulk Suppliers has a spot reserved just for you. Let’s construct a thriving community where all participants reap rewards. Connect, trade, and above all, fly safe, fellow capsuleers!

To supercharge your trading endeavors, check out these indispensable links:

See you on the mailing list!

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You also have a discord server?
Check my ingame Corp details for my trade

No discord unfortunately just trying to bring producers and traders together! :slight_smile:

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