(Drake Arson) #1

With the Creation of the war HQ’s, Corporations creating war decs have to set down a structure and defend it from Defender attack in order to keep the war active.

Intergalactic Space Hobos is now Offering to defend your structure HQ deep in Solitude, were no one wants to go! Solitude is a region were the name applies. An Empty wasteland difficult to get too. Unless you are allreaddy living here, it is not easy to move items and ships into it to stage an attack.

That is were we come in. We are offering a backwater hisec with no NPC structures that is deep within Solitude low sec surrounded by Syndicate and Aridia. We can defend your structure from attack if it ever comes to it for a monthly fee. This price would be dependent on your size and your war activity.

Please Send a Message to Drake Arson In game. An alternate contact is Masterglorfy. Discretion is 100% in all deals. Any questions can be asked here.

(Lugburz) #3

solitude has a large highsec island.

Well now i just look like an idiot…

(Jazzmyn) #4

Interesting idea, looking forward to observe how you do against PIRAT. If you are able to defend against them you will have paying customers for sure. Solitude will be exceptionally good location for war HQs.

I can see this will be quite expensive service, but can you give any example of price range of that monthly fee? Lets assume war HQ gets reffed 2 times per month and both times offender is PIRAT?

(Drake Arson) #5

Over the last 6 months BUMS has grown from a small outfit of a few experienced pilots to being quite capable in null and Low. The Region of Solitude is fairly stable right now. There is not much going on and little to do.

So know this: We go into this expecting and wanting to fight. The more content that is brought to Solitude the better, as it gives us more to do. PIRAT is Large, but the logistical difficulty of moving assets and people down here on a regular basis is tedious. Unless they are willing to 100% commit, there wouldn’t much they can do.

There is no Market in Solitude that can support an alliance to constantly replace ships.

As for Prices, that would have to be discussed in Private. There would be 2 “Tiers” however.

Tier 1 would be a Structure belonging to an alliance/corp that is not at war. This would be low and a recurring monthly fee so that the structure can be online and left alone.

Tier 2 Would be dependent on who they are, there war activity and who they are against and whether or not they will assist us in defending there structure. This would be a weekly fee intil the threat against there structure is over.

Hope that answered some of your questions!


(Nastasjjia) #6

Experienced organizations will simply move their fleets through a wormhole chain to access any citadel in 0.0 …

(Drake Arson) #7

Very True.

However, WAR HQ’s are required in Hisec, not Null or Low. And worse case scenario, someone comes knocking thats a little too big we call in our own friends. What it comes down to is the amount of effort required. Attacking Your War HQ that is apart of Our Services would require significant investment.