Burn Eden [UDIE] c2-NS Small Gang PVP, EUTZ/USTZ

Burn Eden [UDIE] is recruiting a small number of experienced pvp pilots who enjoy solo, small & medium gang. Currently living in and roaming out of a C2 (NS/C5).

POV: roughly a month of pvp encounters of varying quality

Wormhole experience not required.
EU/US: Selective

in-game channel: UDIE Public
Join our Discord: Burn Eden
zKill: BURN EDEN | Corporation | zKillboard

EU- Jamal#9548
EU- Nalok#4198
US- Gumby#6534

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This is one of the original corps in EVE that really has a long history of success and mayhem.

Fun History Fact:

Burn Eden was the first corp to take advantage of the ECM Raven with Damps, Warp Core Stabs, etc. While it was frowned upon to use them in PvP, they equipted them to their Raven ships, used tackle to ensnare ships short range, then used Ravens with Damps to snipe from a distance. They would take on entire fleets of opposing enemy forces in NULL sec space, destroying everything in their path, and when the enemy got their position, the Warp Core Stabs allowed them to evade greater opposing forces.

Buren Eden was a plague. Their destruction of entire fleets with just handful of pilots forced CCP to dramatically redesign the mechanics of the game. They are the reason you have stacking penalties and a nerfed Raven among other things.

This is one badass corp.

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Looking for more

Looking for more

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